Monday, December 10, 2007

Paris Hilton's Boyfriends & Partners

What's sex with Paris Hilton like? You can ask these people! These are just some of the people we know Paris Hilton has slept with or dated:

1. Boyfriend: Jason Shaw (actor, ex-, broken engagement, b. circa 1973)
2. Boyfriend: Nick Carter (dated 2003-04)
3. Slept with: Rick Salomon (appears in sex tape)
4. Slept with: (reportedly) Oscar De La Hoya, Brandon Davis, Leonardo DiCaprio,
5. Slept with: Robert Evans, Colin Farrell, Edward Furlong, Vincent Gallo, Jamie Kennedy,
6. Slept with: Jared Leto, Robert Mills (5th place in 2003 Australian Idol), Mark Philippoussis,
7. Slept with: Simon Rex, Jake Sumner (son of Sting), Deryck Whibley,
8. Slept with: Paris Latsis (Greek shipping heir, dated 2004-05, ex-, broken engagement)
9. Slept with: Tom Sizemore (according to him, she disputes)
10. Boyfriend: Joe Francis (ex-, according to
11. Boyfriend: Stavros Niarchos III (Greek shipping heir, grandson of Stavros Niarchos, dated 2005-06)

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