Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poor Sports Have More Sex Than You

Poor sports don't just hate losing more than you -- they'll also live longer and have more sex than you.

If Charlie Sheen isn't enough anecdotal evidence for you -- he's all about #winning and is currently 2nd on the all-time list of biggest man-whores -- maybe scientific evidence is.

Seriously, scientists at Yale just discovered that the human brain is all about winning. Yes, #winning. It was proven with simple gaming experiments that show the brain becomes most active when winning or losing is at stake. And since the brain's overall purpose is to maximize our chances of survival and reproduction -- winning is everything -- aka winners live longer and "prosper" more than losers.

So the next time you laugh at that grown man pouting because he's losing; become annoyed with the whole Barry Bonds on steroids issue; catch your friend Googling words in Scrabble; or question the phrase "whatever it takes to win" -- think about this simple, undeniable, scientific fact -- all those poor sports have more sex than you.

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