Friday, May 8, 2009

List of Inventions We Got from "Star Trek"

Star Trek

Cool Gadgets We Stole from Star Trek
Here are just some of the cool gadgety ideas we have stolen from the Star Trek movies and TV show:
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List of Star Trek Films

Star Trek

List of Star Trek Films
This is a list of films in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. There have been 11 films in the series, dating back to December 1979:
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List of Things You Shouldn't Say if Pulled Over by Cops


15 Things You Shouldn't Say if Pulled Over by Cops
Don't say these things to an officer if you get pulled over:
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List of Baseball Players Who Stole Home Plate

Baseball Records

List of MLB Players Who Have Stolen Home
Here is the list of baseball players who have stolen home plate:
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List of Must-Have Air Travel Items

Air Travel

6 Must Have Items for Air Travel
Here is a list of things you'll need the next time your on an airplane:
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List of Ten Ways to Protect Yourself from Swin Flu

Swine Flu Virus

Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Swine Flu
Here are some ways to protect yourself from the swine flu:
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List of Places You Don't Want to Find a Snake


20-some Places I Do Not Want to Find a Snake
Eww... aghh... I would never want to find a snake in any of these places:
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List of Celebrity Vegans


List of Famous Vegetarian Celebs
A list of the world's most famous celebrities that do not eat meat:
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List of Last Picks in the NFL Draft

NFL Draft

NFL Draft's Last Pick Each Year... aka "Mr. Irrelevant"
The overall last pick in the NFL Draft each year has earned the name "Mr. Irrelevant" because they usually don't make it too long in the league (however, some do break the mold and stick around a few years).
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List of Athletes in Twitter

Twitter Tweets

Top 25 Famous Athletes on Twitter
Here are some of the famous athletes who are using Twitter:
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List of Secret Ingredients in Coke

Coca Cola Can

9 Secret Ingredients in Coca-Cola
Wondering what ingredients those two executives are keeping secret? Here are the ingredients in Coke:
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List of 25 Random Things about


25 Random Things About
In case you didn’t know, Facebook is the cause of the two latest social networking crazes: a list of 25 random things about oneself, and tagging an emoticon poster (aka a picture of smiley faces with different emotions) with the appropriate Facebook friend. I will avoid mentioning the latter again, in order to not give it any more legs than its already grown. Here are the 25 random things you didn’t know about
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