Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Twitter, Twitter Little Star…

Hey Listers,

Twitter me this, Twitter me that. Doesn’t it seem like Twitter is everywhere now? It’s no illusion, it really is. Over the past year’s traffic has grown 1,043% to nearly 20 million visitors last month. That’s a two followed by 7 zeros. 20 million! That’s the distance between your back door and Venus (the 2nd-closest planet to the sun). That’s 200 times as many people than fit in The Shoe every Autumn Saturday afternoon. So the question is, are you one of those 20,000,000? Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet?

ListAfterList has – you can follow us at and get updates every time a new wiki list is created. And so have many other famous people and cool companies – as well as some losers:

The Orlando Magic: Just got trounced by the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

50 Cent: Lost to Kanye in the rap album sales battle.

Paula Abdul: Being replaced by the new, hotter, younger female judge.

MLB: Ratings continue to plummet as steroid allegations continue to emerge.

Bushnell Boys: My three high school friends that are the epitome of losers.

Dwight Howard: Despite dominating the feeble Cavs in the Eastern Conference finals, Howard and his Magic are truly the first and biggest losers of the 2008-09 NBA season (I may be a biased analyst).

Denise Richards: Anyone who had Charlie Sheen and now doesn’t is a considerable loser.

Dane Cook: Likely the most hated comedian amongst his peers.

Jessica Simpson: Have you seen how much weight she lost? She was huge!

Mandy Moore: Broke up with Vincent Chase in last season’s Entourage… so sad, poor Vinny.

Heidi Montag: Lost any respect she may have had after going on the “I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here” reality TV show.

Ryan Pratt: And you can always follow me if you’re as big of loser as I am.

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Ryan Pratt