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List of Celebrity Golfer Handicaps

Celeb Golfing

Celebrity Golfer's Handicaps: Who is the best?
Here are some of the handicaps of many of Hollywood's celebrity golfers (from best to worst):
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List of Places to Get Good Coffee


Best Tasting Coffee in the World
What is the freshest, best tasting, best smelling coffee you buy?
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List of Celebrity Deaths


Top 10 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths
Celebrities all seem to have the good life, the perfect looks, the perfect house, the perfect cars. However, sometimes things are not as they seem, here is a list of some of the most mysterious celebrity deaths. What really happened?
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List of Ten Best QBs in Madden 2010

madden 10

Top 10 Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 10
Think Tom Brady is number 1? Think again. Did your quarterback make the top ten? You might be surprised who did. Find out everything about the Madden 10 player rankings here:
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List of Paul Rudd Movies

I Love You Man

Top 10 Most Hilarious Paul Rudd Movies
Paul Rudd's newest hilarious adult comedy was just released on DVD and Blu-ray and may be his best yet. But what is your favorite Paul Rudd film?
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List of Ways to Win a Reality TV Talent Show

America's Vote

Top 10 Ways to Win an America's Vote Talent Show
Most Americans already know all of this, you just don't know it. Since the influx of reality TV 10 years ago, we have all been instinctively brainwashed with these ten tips that could easily win you "American Idol" or "America's Got Talent" or whatever show you need votes from the American audience to win.
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List of Shaq's Nicknames


Shaq's New Nicknames in Cleveland
What will The Big Cactus be called now that he has left Phoenix for Cleveland? Here are the best nicknames for Shaq now that he wears a red-and-wine Cavs jersey.
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List of Best One Liners


Great One Liners from Various Movies
The following is a list of entertaining one-liners from different films. Do you have any favorites that aren't listed?
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List of Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

Veg in NYC

Ten Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New York City
The following is list of the top 10 place to go to eat vegetarian food in New York City as selected by
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List of Strange Baseball Rituals


Baseball Players Strange Rituals
Baseball players have a few strange rituals before and during the game, fearing if they fail to do them, it will result in a loss. Here's a few.
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List of Ways to be Happier

Life Tips

22 Things You Can Do Daily to Improve Your Life
You can only grow yourself little by little everyday. So, to improve your life, the focus should be on the small things you do daily. Here are 22 things you can do.
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List of Fat Golfers on PGA Tour

Fat Golfers

Fattest Golfers on the PGA Tour
Golfers aren't know for being "athletes." Rightfully so huh? It's not as if you have to be in peak physical condition to walk besides your caddy and swing a little stick 72 times per day. Probably why so many professional golfers are overweight. This is a list of the heaviest golfers on the PGA Tour (by weight in pounds):
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List of Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Spells, Charms and Curses
Here is a list of all the spells, charms, hexes and curses in the Harry Potter films and books:
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List of Superhero Alter Egos


Superhero's Secret Identities and Alter Egos
Do you know the secret identities and/or alter egos of any other superheroes?
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List of Differences in "Watchmen" Director's Cut DVD/Blu-ray


What's New in the Watchmen Director's Cut?
Here are the differences from the original theatrical version of Watchmen that you saw in theaters, and the new Watchmen Director's Cut on DVD and Blu-ray:
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List of Reasons We Didn't Land on the Moon

Moon Hoax

Apollo Hoax: Top 10 Reasons We Never Landed on the Moon
One of the most infamous conspiracy theories of all time is the moon landing hoax, did American astronauts on Apollo really land on the moon? Or was it all staged in a movie studio and covered up by the U.S. government?
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List of Fictional Wizards

Harry Potter the Wizard

Top 10 Wizards of All Time
A wizard is a person with magical powers, or exceptional / extraordinary abilities. But some are more extraordinary than others. So who do you think are the top 10 wizards of all time? (Add 'em to the list) And where does Harry Potter fall?
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List of Good Workout Songs

Workout Music

Playlist: Iron and Fist Pumping Work Out Songs
Need some music to get you pumped up to workout? This is a playlist for gyms, weightrooms, and tracks.
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List of Vinny Chase Movies


Which Vincent Chase Movie Do You Want to See?
Vincent Chase, the star of HBOs Entourage, has made 6 movies in the first 5 seasons of of the show. Which one would you most like to see made in the real world?
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List of Differences Between the iPhone 3.0 OS Update and the New iPhone 3GS Hardware

iPhone 3GS

Differences Between the iPhone 3.0 OS Update and the New iPhone 3GS Hardware
Wondering if you should just update your 1st-generation iPhone or iPhone 3G with the new 3.0 OS or actually pay for the new hardware iPhone 3GS? Here are the differences between the two (the iPhone 3GS also has...):
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List of "Rules of Thumb"

Rules of Thumb

Rules of Thumb
If you need some helpful advice on something, anything, you might be able to find it here, under this list of different rules of thumb:
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List of Ten Most Memorable Pitches in MLB History

Baseball Pitchers

Ten Pitchers Infamous for One Bad Pitch
These pitchers may have been great, they may even end up Hall-of-Famers, but, they will never forget that one bad pitch that will forever live in history - and neither will we!
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List of Quotes from Saved by the Bell

Saved By the Bell

Top 10 "Saved by the Bell" Quotes
Here are ten (or more) classic quotes from the "Saved by the Bell" TV series:
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List of Most Expensive Music Videos

Michael Jackson

Top 10 Most Expensive Music Videos Ever
They spent $53,000 on breaking guitars alone in the Michael Jackson video "Scream"
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List of Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Father Daughter Wedding Dance

Top 10 Father/Daughter Wedding Dance Songs
These are some great suggestions for a father-daughter dance song at a wedding:
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List of Things You Do With Used Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets

Other Uses for Dryer Sheets
Laundry isn't a dryer sheet's only purpose in life. These are some other ways you can use an ordinary dryer sheet:
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List of Cheap LCD TVs


Best LCD HDTVs for Cheap Prices
Looking for a great deal on a flat-screen TV? Here are some of the best LCD HDTVs you can buy at a low price:
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List of Highest Paid Coaches

Sports Coaches

Top 10 Highest Paid Coaches' Salaries
Wondering who are the ten highest paid coaches in sports? Here they are:
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List of Things You Can Do With Old Tennis Balls

Tennis Ball

10 Things You Never Knew You Could do With a Tennis Ball
Tennis balls are for more than just hitting with a racket. They can be used for dozens of different crafts and useful devices. These are some of the more creative uses I've heard of.
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List of Top 10 Best Movie Quotes Ever

Movie Quotes

Ten Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time
Great moments in films usually have a great quote associated with it. And whether you define "great" as cool, hilarious, or memorable, these are certainly the ten greatest movie quotes of all time.
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List of Easter Eggs in Up Movie

Up Pixar movie

Easter Eggs in Pixar's "Up"
Here are just some of the hidden Easter eggs in the newest Pixar film "Up":
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List of Things You Can Spend $6 On

Six Dollars

Best $6 You Ever Spent
You know it is a good day when you put on some old pants and find $6 cash in the back pocket. Now the question is... where do I spend this new found fortune? What is the best way you can think of to spend $6.00?
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List of Things the iPhone Can Do

iPhone Feats of Strength

iPhone Feats of Strength
Sure the iPhone can call, text, email, play music and surf the world wide web. But is that all the iPhone does? Absolutely not.
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List of Alergy Home Remedies

Sneeze - Allergies

Top 50 Allergy Treatment Tips and Helpful Hints
Tis' the season again. Your eyes are itchy and watering. Your nose is running. You sneeze 20 times in 2 minutes. Well you are not alone. Thirty-five million Americans are afflicted with allergies. So here are some helpful hints and tips. Follow along:
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List of American Idol Winners

David Cook

List of "American Idol" Winners
Can you remember who has won each of the seven seasons of the hit FOX television show "American Idol"? Did you think Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson won? Because they didn't!
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List of 1990's Hit Songs

90s Music

The Top Eleven 1990s Fad Songs
Every decade has some hit songs that become fads. This is a rare top 11 list of best fad songs from the 1990s:
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List of Brad Pitt's Girlfriends and Wives

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's Past Girlfriends & Relationships
A list of women Brad Pitt has dated or married:
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List of Girly Dog Breeds


Girly Breeds of Dogs
A manly man would never own one of these breeds of dogs - but a cute little girly girl probably would:
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List of Philosophical Quotes

Philosophical Quotes

Top Ten Greatest Philosophical Quotes
Here are some of the greatest quotes from the greatest philosophers of all time:
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List of Old Wives' Tales

Myths Debunked

Ten Old Wives' Tales That Aren't True
Here are ten common myths debunked (all the following are FALSE):
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List of Ways to Take Better Care of Your Pet

Chocolate Lab

Five Ways to Better Care for Your Pet
Taking on a pet involves taking on a lot of responsibility. While it is easy to just feed and water a pet, in order to truly care for your pet here are five ideas to drastically improve your pet's standard of living:
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List of Apple Products that Flopped


Top 10 Apple Products which Flopped
Here are ten of the biggest "oopsies" Apple ever had:
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List of Films With a Perfect 100% Rating

Rotten Tomatoes

Films Rated a Perfect 100% on
Here is the list of movies with a perfect 100% fresh rating on
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