Friday, October 31, 2008

List of Last Second Halloween Costume Ideas


Last Second Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas
Halloween is almost here! Need a costume still? Try one of these easy, last-minute, home-made costumes!
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List of Best Halloween Candy

Trick-or-Treat Candies

Top 10 Best Halloween Trick-or-Treat Candies
Please take one.... yeah right! These are my absolute favorite Trick-or-Treat candies. What are yours?
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Who Took the Boo Out of Halloween?

Hey Listers,

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my rant about how Halloween is supposed to be a night of fright, not this funny fools’ day it’s turned into. And I’m still peeved. Why are television stations airing National Lampoon’s Vacation over-and-over again when there are 100s of great scary movies they could show instead?

Instead of watching Michael Myers chop up all the trick-or-treaters in Haddonfield, we get Clark Griswold and family on their “merry” way to Wally World. Yeah there are some deaths (dragging Dinky to death behind the car and Aunt Edna passing in her sleep in the backseat), but they’re funny deaths. And sure Harold Ramis, one of the original Ghostbusters directed it (which by the way is painfully more funny than it is scary), but c’mon! I am looking for horror movies deaths. “Final Destination” meets Jason Voorhees meets “The Hills Have Eyes.” I want to be scared on Halloween! Give me “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th,” or at least “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Where’s Freddy and Jason and Jigsaw and Chucky? Is AMC the only channel that gets it? Or have all the funny, cute little Halloween costumes distorted all our “fragile little minds.”

I have a favor to ask of you. Instead of giving treats to every trick-or-treater this year, reward the scary skeletons and ugly witches. Give the gobstoppers to goblins, ghosts and ghouls. And trick those funny, cute kids with an apple or toothbrush.

And any of you trick-or-treaters out there, let’s get back to the roots of Beggar’s Night. Remember the history behind the tradition, if someone forgets the treats, or leaves a “please take one” basket out, make sure you play an idle trick on the house or the homeowners. That is what the saying is all about. “Trick-or-Treat!”

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

List of Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas

Funny Hawaiin Halloween Costume

Stupid, Dumb and Hysterical Costume Ideas for Halloween
Need a funny costume idea for Halloween this year? Try one of these hilarious ideas, or use this list as a brainstorm for something completely new and creative!
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

List of Recognizable Faces in Politics

George W. Bush

Picture List: Top 10 Most Recognizable Faces in Politics Today
Everyone could pick George W., Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton out of a lineup. But what famous politicians would you struggle with? Here are ten of the most recognizable faces in American politics today:
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

List of Sleeping Tips

Sleep Better

8 Tips for Better Sleep
The sleep set is literally the foundation of your sleep. But beyond your investment in the mattress, it's important to make an overall commitment to sleep. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy sleep cycle and ensuring the best night's rest:
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

List of Sweetest Day Gift Ideas

Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her
Sweetest Day is Saturday, October 18th (like it is every 3rd Saturday in October). Still need a good gift idea? Or got a good one already? Share your Sweetest Day gift ideas here:
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

List of Ten Best Movie Quotes Ever

Movie Quotes

Ten Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time
Great moments in films usually have a great quote associated with it. And whether you define "great" as cool, hilarious, or memorable, these are certainly the ten greatest movie quotes of all time.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Rat Pack Takes the Worry-Wart Quiz

Hey Listers,

Worried? I am sure you are. There is a lot to be worried about these days. And everybody is worried about something sometimes (not to be confused with Dino’s “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime”… though just as true). But even the smooth talking, care-free Rat Pack had their worries. Like when Frank Sinatra Jr. was kidnapped. Imagine how nerve-racking that would be! Us normal folks have more common things to worry about.

First and foremost on everyone’s mind is this fiscal pit we’ve fallen into. The DOW continues to drop. Huge firms are flopping. Banks are bankrupt. And you are worried about your money, your future, your children’s future, and your children’s children’s future. Who wouldn’t be?

Then there is the Presidential election. Who are you going to vote for? Will he fix our problems? Can he put an end to our worrying? And then even if he says he can, will he?

And don’t forget about the simpler uncertainties in life. What to wear tomorrow? What to eat for dinner? How will this presentation go? And how far below that red line can the fuel gage go before you have to fill up on $4-gas?

So many questions, so few answers.

"Today is the tomorrow I was so worried about yesterday." It’s so true, yet, makes absolutely no sense if you think about it.

What’s all this worrying for? What’s it mean? That you have to hold off on that 60-inch plasma to hang on the wall, or that roomy new black-leather Gucci handbag. That you can’t lay a gas-hogging footslam on the accelerator when the light turns green. And that you can’t go to Sin City for a Sammy-Davis-style New Year’s bash.

Now I’m not going to pretend I’m Nietzsche or anything, but does any of this truly matter? You need to have “the ability to let that which truly doesn’t matter slide” because “everything will work out – it always does.”

The truth of the matter is this: there is always plenty to worry about, always; and worrying never makes anything better – it doesn’t solve problems and doesn’t make issues go away. So instead of wasting away worrying about things – especially things that truly do not matter – why not take a break from your worries, smile and take a deep breath. Because just as it reads on Sinatra’s tombstone: “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

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List of Time Travel Books

Time Travel Novels

Top Ten Time Travel Novels
Time Travel Science Fiction is a genre which deals with the nature of time, the importance (or insignificance) of individual people and how their decisions can (or cannot) change the world, and often the differences between reality and recorded history.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

List of McDonald's Monopoly Rare Pieces

McDonalds Monopoly

2008 McDonalds Monopoly Rare Piece List
Wondering if you just peeled off that hard-to-find Monopoly piece? Here are the rare game pieces from this year's McDonald's Monopoly game:
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

List of Rob's Five Favorite Records from "High Fidelity"

Rob from High Fidelity

Rob's Top 5 Favorite Records (singles) - from "High Fidelity"
Rob Fleming is a London record store owner in his 30s whose girlfriend, Laura, has just left him. At the work, Rob and his employees Dick and Barry spend their free moments discussing mix-tape aesthetics and constructing "top-five" lists of anything that demonstrates their knowledge of music.
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Friday, October 3, 2008

List of Songs with a Secret

Secret Songs

Top 25 Songs With a Secret
There are some seriously amusing misconceptions about rock songs out there. There is often some ambiguity whenever anyone talks about the so-called real meaning of any song. These are tracks the meanings of which have inspired lots of debate.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

List of Viral Video Examples

Viral videos

Time Magazine Releases Top 10 Viral Videos
Time Magazine has released yet another top 10 list, this time its the top ten viral videos of the year. Watch the hilarious, weird and sticky clips here:
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