Monday, April 26, 2010

Speaking of Worried Moms and Opening Straws on Windows

Hey Listers,

I can’t believe it, but its three years since LAL launched! After three years its pretty hard to come up with new topics every month for this newsletter. So I started asking readers for topics - but not just one topic, thats too typical, ordinary, and simple - instead I decided to ask readers for the most random topics they could think of, and I would pick out two completely random ones to try and tie together. Without further adieu, these weeks topics are “worried moms” and “opening fast food straws”:

Everyone has a mom. And every mom worries. And though every mom may not sweat the small stuff, every mom has, had, or does worry. It’s funny how universal these statements are, “everyone has a mom” and “every mom worries”. They’re like “the sky is blue” and “the grass is green”. Despite these universal truths, that seem so obvious to some, not everyone has wrapped their mind around this fact. In fact, this is something you won’t truly realize until you’re a mom (or dad) yourself.

Speaking of worried moms - Summer Vacations and Senior Trips are right around the corner! And just like Spring Break, summer isn’t just about students with worried moms that make their children call them every night to make sure they aren’t jumping from balconies into pools or neighboring rooms. Summer is still for all ages! Now it might not be as exciting as it used to be, you don’t get 3 months off to do nothing by the pool or take that laid back summer job. But summer is still the time when the weather gets warmer and you take a week of vacation, the seasonal winter blues have officially worn off, Spring rain showers come and go, and it’s time to get back in shape for bikinis and bathing suits.

Ugh. Bathing suits. To many, “bathing suits” can be a completely terrifying and dreadful word. It’s unfortunate. Too many people feel this way! And it’s all because people with no self-discipline order two too many dollar double-cheeseburgers at the fast food drive-thru.

You know what my sister’s favorite thing to do with those fast food straws the second they hand it through the window? Lightly pound (I know, that’s like Jumbo Shrimp) it on the car window, rip off the top, and blow the remaining nine-tenths of that straw directly in my still-somehow-unprepared-to-dodge-this-paper-bullet face. By the way, my sister just turned 40! Happy Birthday Sis!

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