Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top 10 Things That Ruin a Cows Day

Name something else that ruins a cows day:

10. getting milked
9. bad weather
8. getting branded
7. the Bull visiting
6. Cold hands
5. ... see the top 5 (and add more to the list here)

Fantasy Baseball Top 100

Here is a cheat sheet for your fantasy baseball draft in 2008:

1. Alex Rodriguez, 3B, Yankees
2. Matt Holliday, OF, Rockies
3. Jake Peavy, SP, Padres
4. Albert Pujols, 1B, Cardinals
5. Hanley Ramirez, SS, Marlins
6. David Wright, 3B, Mets
7. Miguel Cabrera, 3B, Tigers
8. Jose Reyes, SS, Mets
9. Chase Utley, 2B, Phillies
10. Ryan Howard, 1B, Phillies

see the rest of the top 100 here:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated for an Oscar

These are some of the best actors and actresses who have NEVER even been NOMINATED for an Academy Award:

  • John Cusack

  • Jim Carrey

  • Meg Ryan

    can you think of any more? add them by clicking here

    Academy, Emmy, Grammy, AND Tony Awards Winners

    This is a list of persons who have won Academy, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards, the four major entertainment awards in American show business.

  • Richard Rodgers (1902-1979)

  • Helen Hayes (1900-1993)

  • Rita Moreno (1931- )

    see the final 6 people and other Academy Award lists here

    Actors/Actresses With the Most Oscars

    32 actors/actresses have won 2 Academy Awards, and, surprisingly, half have been men and half women. Three actors have won 3, and one actor has won 4. They are as follows:

  • 4 - Katherine Hepburn
  • 3 - Ingrid Bergman
  • 3 - Walter Brennan
  • 3 - Jack Nicholson
  • 2 - Marlon Brando

    see the rest of the list AND more Oscar lists here

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    LOST's Oceanic Six

    Who are the Oceanic 6 on the TV show LOST? Here they are:

    click here to find out

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Are You a Halo 3 General?

    Then add your gamertag to this list of all the Halo 3 generals and their gamertags ... aka the best of the best:

  • Lt Wasp

  • Darkid X

  • TDxELErs

  • x727x GiZBo



  • RoLLN oN 5sTaRz

    add your gamertag (or any other generals) by clicking here

    Friday, February 15, 2008

    Most Thoughtless Gifts Ever

    Let's play Family Feud... Name the most thoughtless gifts you can give (or receive):

  • Cash

  • Gift certificate

  • Clothing

    to add your own, and see the rest of the list, click here

    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    Top 24 Finalists - American Idol Season 7

    The top 24 finalists have been revealed. Here is the cast of American Idol Season 7:

    1. Alaina Whitaker - Age: 16 - Tulsa, OK
    2. Alexandréa Lushington - Age: 16 - Atlanta, GA
    3. Amanda Overmyer - Age: 23 - Mulberry, IN
    4. Amy Jean Davis - Age: 25 - Cedar Lake, IN

    see the rest of the Top 24 Idols here

    WKC Dog Show - "Best in Show" Winners thru History

    These are the winner of "Best in Show" each year since 1950. (Year - Breed - Name - Owner)

  • 1950 - Scottish Terrier - Ch Walsing Winning Trick of Edgerstoune - Mrs J G Winant

  • 1951 - Boxer - Ch Bang Away of Sirrah Crest - Dr & Mrs R C Harris

  • 1952 - Doberman Pinscher - Ch Rancho Dobe's Storm - Mr & Mrs Len Carey

    to see the rest of the list, including the 2008 "Best in Show" winner... click here

    Best 3-Point Shooter Ever

    Who is the best 3-point shooter in NBA history?

    1. Larry Bird
    2. Steve Kerr - has the best all time percentage: .4540
    3. Mark Price

    see the rest of the Top 10 here

    Big Brother 9 Cast - Who's with Who?

    These are the cast (and showmance partners) for the new CBS Big Brother TV show, season 9:

  • Adam - 29-year-old public relations manager from Del Ray, FL (w/ Adam)

  • Alex - 24-year-old DJ company owner from Staten Island, NY (w/ Amanda)

  • Allison - 28-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Boston, MA (w/ Ryan)

    see the rest of this list here

    Monday, February 11, 2008

    Grammy Award Best "Song of the Year" Winners

    Unlike Record of the Year, which goes to the performer and production team of a single song, Song of the Year goes to the composer(s) of the song.

  • 2008 - Amy Winehouse for "Rehab" performed by Amy Winehouse

  • 2007 - Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, and Dan Wilson for "Not Ready To Make Nice" performed by Dixie Chicks

  • 2006 - U2 for "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"

  • 2005 - John Mayer for "Daughters"

  • 2004 - Richard Marx and Luther Vandross for "Dance with My Father" performed by Luther Vandross

  • 2003 - Jesse Harris for "Don't Know Why" performed by Norah Jones

    see the rest of the 50 years here

    Friday, February 8, 2008

    Just Shut Up!

    This is a list of people you wish would just shut up!

  • Brian McNamee (or should we say Brian McNamer) - hows come no one realizes the fact he does an incentive to lie! He had to name some juicy names to get a pardon from legal actions against himself, so who better to name then Roger Clemens?! Duke lacrosse case repeat!

  • NFL Pro Bowl - we know, no one watches it, you don't have to keep reminding us, change the date/system or just shut up!

  • The sports world about Barry Bonds (we all know he did steroids and we will never prove it)

  • Schools saying that dodgeball is not allowed in schools (you have to be kidding me, no wonder our nation's children are getting so fat)

  • News people about Anna Nicole's baby (leave the woman to rest in peace and let them figure out who the best guardian will be - its not as if we have any say or clue)

  • Entertainment shows and magazines about Britney Spears (leave the poor girl alone)

    read about more people who should JUST SHUT UP! here

    Valentine's Day Gift Idea Top 10 Lists

    Most Recent Lists

    Top Rated Lists

    Best Video Games Ever

    What video game do you think is the best ever?

    1. Super Mario Bros. 3
    2. Super Mario Land
    3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    5. Super Mario 64

    to see the rest of the list... and add your own favorites... click here

    Things That Children Dare Each Other to Eat

    Children say, AND DO, the craziest things, including, daring each other to eat really strange stuff.

    1. Worm
    2. Boogers
    3. Dirt

    what else to children dare each other to eat? add it here

    Top 10 Crazy Things Insured by People

    Some people's livelihood depends on one specific, insurable, body part, so why not take a out a large policy to insure yourself and your livelihood? Here are some of the craziest insurance plans in the world:

    1. Ken Dodd's extremely large buckteeth for $7.4 million
    2. 13-year-old World Yo-Yo champion Harvey Lowe's hands for $150,000
    3. Australia's national cricket team player Merv Hughes' walrus mustache for $370,000

    see the rest of the top 10 here

    Celebrities with Strange Causes

    Celebrities have a lot of power. They can very influential, especially over the young and weak minded (almost Jedi-like). Sometimes, power can go to your head though (the dark-side of the force). These celebrity powertrips have lead them to preaching some very strange messages, and supporting some extremely odd causes:

  • Bob Barker - to have your pets spayed or neutered
  • Tom Cruise - recruit you into the church of Scientology
  • Rosie O'Donnell - to always be the word that follows obnoxious in any word association game
  • Diggers (members of the social bookmarking website - to tear down FOX News
  • Colin Farrell - to constantly remind you he isn't an American

    see more strange celebrity causes here

    DVDs You Should Own

    What is your favorite movie ever? Your favorite DVD that you own (or wish you owned)?

    1. The Godfather
    2. Fight Club
    3. Dumb and Dumber
    4. Star Wars: A New Hope
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
    7. Braveheart
    8. Silence of the Lambs
    9. The Notebook
    10. Great Expectations

    see the rest of the top 100 here

    Best Places to Visit (at least once) in Columbus, Ohio

    If you are looking for some really cool places to see in Columbus, Ohio, check these out. Some are hidden gems, some are infamous locations. Have you been anywhere cooler?

    1. Ohio State Buckeyes football games at the Shoe
    2. Columbus BlueJackets game at Nationwide Arena
    3. Just outside Columbus, some wonderful hiking can be done in Hocking Hills
    4. Campus bars
    5. The Barn - at Edwards Communities (lagoon style swimming pool, live DJs on Saturdays, sand volleyball and shuffleboard courts, and bar)
    6. .... see the rest of the top 10 here...

    Top 10 Best Electric Razors & Shavers

    Sick of that stubble, but also those expensive replacement blades on a manual razor? Then you are probably in the process of looking for the best electric razors and shavers on the market? Try these ten:

    1. Philips Norelco 7110X Cordless Rechargeable Shaver - $50
    2. Braun 8995 360 Complete - $150
    3. Philips Norelco arcitec 1090 - $240

    see the rest of the top 10 here

    Best Beers

    Picking out your favorite beer can take years. When you first start drinking, your favorite beer is the cheapest, or anything you can get your hands on. Then it's which you can chug the fastest. As you get older though, you start trying new things and developing a better taste. Other factors, like region, sex, income and personality can sway your opinion as well. So which beer do you prefer?

    1. Natural Light
    2. Bud Light
    3. Coors Light
    4. National Bohemian
    5. Yuengling

    see the rest of beers here

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    The Seven Stages of Marriage

    are as follows:

    1. Passion
    2. Realization
    3. Rebellion

    see the rest of the list here

    Top 10 Celebrity Nerds

    These hot celebs might in fact, actually be big nerds:

    1. Hayden Panettiere - Frequents video game launch parties
    2. Zac Efron - Spotted at the Halo 3 Launch Event
    3. Keira Knightley - Did voiceover for Pirates of the Caribbean Game and played Queen Amidala's double in 'Star Wars Episode 1'

    see the final seven here

    Fruits You Wouldn't Want Your Body Shaped Like

    Better hit the gym if your body starts to look like this (or at least start eating more of these):

  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Watermelon

    see the rest here

    Monday, February 4, 2008

    Top 25 Most Memorable Super Ads

    What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Super Bowl? Footballs? Food? Commercials? Many people, especially if their team isn't in big game, find themselves looking most forward to the advertisements. In fact, it has become a ritual for many. But which ones were the best? And which Super Bowl commercial isn't on this list? Add it!

    1. Mean Joe Green
    2. Apple's 1984 Macintosh Commercial
    3. Budweiser Frogs
    4. GM Robot Super Bowl Commercial
    5. Nationwide Commercial RollinVIP
    6. ... see the next 20 here

    List of "Tool Time" Tool Girls

    Part of the show's attraction was its token "Tool Time girl", whose primary roles were to look good, be curvaceous, roll out various props and help introduce the two hosts. In the first two seasons, Pamela Anderson played Tool Time girl Lisa. When Pamela left the show, Debbe Dunning stepped in as her replacement, Heidi, who stayed until the show's end. A fictional flashback to the first episode shows Mrs. Binford playing the part of the Tool Time girl. Also in an ironic, but humorous twist, that "first episode" featured Tim with a beard, while Al sported a clean-shaven face, a direct opposite of their normal look.

    1. Lisa - Pamela Anderson
    2. Heidi - Debbe Dunning
    3. Mrs. Binford - Lois de Banzie (flashback)

    see more lists like this at

    Friday, February 1, 2008

    MTV's Rob & Big Quotes: "Do Work"

    Here are some quotes from the hit TV show "Rob & Big" on MTV, starring Rob Dyrdek and Chris "Big Black" Boykin:

  • Do work

  • Rob: Have you ever farted and it didn't smell?
    Big: Not since I was 13.

  • Put ya ham on him son......put ham on him.

  • Wing King baby... wing king!

  • Rob: I'm the skater in the family.
    Big: I'm the bodyguard.
    Rob: (Points to Meaty) And you're the puppy.

  • 22's son, 22's

    see the rest of the quotes here: - Rob & Big Quotes