Friday, February 1, 2008

MTV's Rob & Big Quotes: "Do Work"

Here are some quotes from the hit TV show "Rob & Big" on MTV, starring Rob Dyrdek and Chris "Big Black" Boykin:

  • Do work

  • Rob: Have you ever farted and it didn't smell?
    Big: Not since I was 13.

  • Put ya ham on him son......put ham on him.

  • Wing King baby... wing king!

  • Rob: I'm the skater in the family.
    Big: I'm the bodyguard.
    Rob: (Points to Meaty) And you're the puppy.

  • 22's son, 22's

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    Anonymous said...

    Yo, watch the meat son..

    Anonymous said...

    its a DRG brah
    [[doo doo related ghost]]