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List of CGI Things in "Avatar" Movie


List of Fake Plants, Animals and Wildlife in "Avatar" Movie
"Avatar" is set on a distant world called Pandora, where humans and the native species of Pandora, the Na'vi, engage in a war over the planet's resources and existence. The entire world, including the Na'vi, plants, animals and all wildlife is computer generated (CGI). This is just some of the fictional wildlife you will see during the movie:
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Top 10 3-D Movies

College List

Top 10 3-D Movies Ever Made
Can "Avatar" live up to the hype? We thought so! Here are the ten best 3D films to ever hit the big screen:
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Celebs Who Have a First Name for a Last Name

First and Last Names

Famous People Who Have a First Name for a Last Name
What were there parents thinking? Oh wait, that's not right. Well, someone has to be responsible for this!
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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the "Twilight" Fan

Twilight Movie List

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the 'Twilight' Fan
Have a Twilight fan you need to buy Christmas gifts for? Try one (or more) of these ideas:
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Top 10 Online Universities

College List

Ten Universities with Free Online Courses
The web has democratized a lot of things since its birth, including the learning previously available only with a hefty tuition check. But no need for that check at these schools:
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Top 10 Vampire Films Other than "Twilight"

Twilight Movie List

Top 10 Vampire Movies besides "Twilight"
Here are ten other great vampire films in modern movie history:
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List of Cullens from the "Twilight" Movie Saga

Twilight Movie List

List of Cullens from the "Twilight" Movie Saga
The following are characters in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, comprising the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.
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Celebrities Obsessed with "Twilight" Just Like You

Twilight Movie List

Celebrities Obsessed with "Twilight" Just Like You
Here are just some of the celebs that are obsessed with "Twilight" just like all you fang-bangers out there!
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How to get through Thanksgiving with a Dysfunctional family


How to get through Thanksgiving with a Dysfunctional family
Semi-serious tips for surviving Thanksgiving dinner with a less than healthy family.
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Other Possibilities for Shaq O'Neal's Nicknames for the Cavs


Shaq's New Nicknames in Cleveland
What will The Big Cactus be called now that he has left Phoenix for Cleveland? Here are the best nicknames for Shaq in Cleveland found on the internet.
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Top 10 Other Uses for Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets

Other Uses for Dryer Sheets
Laundry isn't a dryer sheet's only purpose in life. These are some other ways you can use an ordinary dryer sheet:
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Top 10 Actors with the Most Movie and TV Appearances

Movie List

Actors with the Most Movie and TV Appearances
A list of some of the hardest workers in Hollywood, some names you know, some you would just recognize their faces, but all of them have made many appearances as roles in films and characters in TV series. It may be a surprise who's on top and who's on the bottom of the list - for instance, Kirsten Dunst and Woody Harrelson have made as many appearances at Tom Hanks...
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Top 10 Words a Man Should Never Use

Silly Grown Man

Ten Words Grown Men Should Never Say
Here are ten words a grown man should never use:
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Leg-Humping, Ice-Cream-Cone-Licking Dog Lovers

Hey Listers,

There are two types of people in this world: dog owners and those who do not. Surprisingly enough, these groups of haves and have nots do not directly correlate with the other two sectors of people in the world: dog lovers and dog haters.

I am one the rare dog owner lovers. By rare I mean, doesn't it seem like most people who own dogs have nothing but bad things to say about them? "Dumb mutt" this and "stupid animal" that! Mind you most of these people love their dogs behind closed doors, allowing them to sleep on their beds and lick their ice cream cones! But all you, the "oh boy" knock-on-the-door, maybe-you'll-play-with-me new-visitor, ever hear and see is this "fat, lazy" dog that humps legs and steals food off the table.

Okay maybe I contradicted myself with that rant. But truly, most of the world looks at owning dogs like owning a boat. It's better to have a good friend who owns a dog. You can still take it out on the weekend to pick up chicks. It doesn't cost you anything to maintain. And your home won't surprisingly stink of gas when something goes wrong.

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Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities in US and Canada

Top Ten Christmas Gifts for a Gadget, Bike and Pet-Lover!

Dogs of the Stars: A List of Celeb's Dogs

Top 10 Dumbest Dogs

Why some men have dogs and not wives

Top 10 Favorite Dog Toys

Best Dog Food (Wet or Dry)

General Training Tips for Dogs

Best way to pick up dog poop

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

List of Rare McDonald's Monopoly Game Pieces / Stamps

McDonalds Monopoly

2009 McDonald's Monopoly Rare Piece List
Here are the rare pieces for the McDonald's Monopoly game this year:
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List of Good Costume Ideas for 2009

2009 Halloween Costumes

Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2009
Here are the hottest Halloween costume ideas this year:
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List of Best Yankee Hitters of All Time


Top 10 NY Yankee Hitters Ever
With the Yankees in yet another ALCS, we started wondering: Who are the top ten best Yankee hitters of all time?
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Bucket list for someone who's been a 'good boy' all his life

Bucket List

Bucket list for someone who's been a 'good boy' all his life
What if a goody-two-shoe kinda guy has only a few days to live. So much to do and so little time! Assume he's protected himself from everything 'bad' or 'dangerous' all his life.
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List of Rock Songs Over 8 Minutes Long

Rock songs

Top Ten Rock Songs Over 8 Minutes Long
If you think a 3 minute single is just too short to be any good, then these are the songs for you.
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List of Famous Adopted People


Jesus, John Lennon and Malcolm X: Famous Adopted People
Can you help by adding to this list of famous people who have either been adopted, fostered or otherwise raised by someone other than their biological parents?
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Funny and Cute Couples Halloween Costumes

Couples Halloween Costumes

Funny and Cute Couples Halloween Costumes
Here are some funny costumes ideas for all the couples out there this October:
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Top 100 Things You Gotta Love About Star Wars

Star Wars

Top 100 Things You Gotta Love About Star Wars
Everyone knows Star Wars rocks. But I bet you can't name all 100 reasons why!
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Schools that Hosted Most ESPN College GameDay (Football) TV Shows

College Football

Schools that Hosted Most ESPN College GameDay (Football) TV Shows
College GameDay is an ESPN show covering college football. It first aired in 1987 with Tim Brando as host and Lee Corso and Beano Cook as analysts. Beginning more-or-less as an analysis of college football games, the show would undergo a radical transformation beginning in 1993 as the show began incorporating "live" broadcasts. The official name of the show is College GameDay built by The Home Depot. There is a separate radio broadcast, ESPN Radio College GameDay, on ESPN Radio. These campuses have hosted the show more than any other:
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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Being a Party Pooper

Party List

How to be a Party Pooper (or Top 10 Things to Avoid Being One)
Here are some ways a party pooper ruins a party. Avoid being one yourself by not doing these things:
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The Webaholic's Bucket List

Bucket List

A Webaholic's Bucket List
Consider it a list of things to do on the Internet before you die.
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Top Ten Ways to Save Money and Stretch Your Budget

Save Money

10 Easy Ways to Save Money and Stretch Your Budget
This is a list of some easy and painless ways to save money and stretch your budget further.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Crispy, Cultural Chant for Gridiron Glory

Hey Listers,

It’s that time of the year. The crisp, cold scent of Saturday morning dew. The growing sound of familiar chants from passersby. A fluttering of angst in your gut. It must be college football season. It must be gameday.

For those of you unaware, college football in the United States is quickly becoming the new American pastime. As baseball ratings, ticket sales, and general fandom decline around the nation on the back of steroid allegations and lack of American stars; football is holding strong, despite the turbulent economy. Though baseball throughout history has been a backbone of American culture, in recent decades its fan base has diminished greatly – particularly within the younger demographic. Recently, pre-season NFL football, UFC and even golf (starring Tiger Woods) has topped baseball TV ratings (including Yankee games). And little league baseball coaches around the county continue to struggle to field teams of interested youngsters. Football interest, on the other hand, is growing exponentially.

Football may very well be the new cultural backbone in Americacollege football in particular (despite anti-BCS rumblings). Hardworking Americans around the country spend 40+ hours a week devoted to a dedicated occupation. In the Fall, many of those blue- and white-collars spend what free time they have on the weekend devoted to football fanaticism. And what used to be a weekend only (Saturday/Sunday) Autumn affair, is taking over weekdays as well (Monday Night Football, Thursday night NCAA games, and this Friday, September 4th is actually College Colors Day (aka National-Wear-Your-Jersey-to-Work-Day) in support of college football’s opening weekend games).

The first game of intercollegiate football in America was between Tufts University and Harvard on June 4, 1875 at Jarvis Field in Cambridge, Mass. In comparison, the first officially recorded baseball game in U.S. history took place on June 19, 1846, in Hoboken, New Jersey between the NY Nine and the NY Knickerbockers. That 30 year head start held strong for over a century, but football has recently closed the gap and by all accounts surpassed baseball as the #1 sport in America.

This Saturday you can see for yourself. College campuses everywhere will be flooded by people of all ages wearing one of two conflicting colors. For one of the most intense experiences, you can taste the crisp Saturday morning air and hear the growing chants of “O.H. … I.O!” in Columbus, Ohio on September 12th. But if you can’t venture to central Ohio, you can catch big games and rivalries almost every Saturday for the next 4 months. Participation is highly encouraged – especially for any gameday virgins out there.

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ESPN College Football GameDay Segments/Schedule

Only Schools to Host ESPN College GameDay for Both Basketball and Football

Best College Football Teams Ever

ESPN College GameDay Personalities (Past and Present)

Most ESPN College GameDay (Football) Appearances by School

Schools that Hosted Most ESPN College GameDay (Football) TV Shows

NCAA College Football Split Champions

5 Coaches Who Didn't Play College Football

Top 10 Biggest College Football Games in 2009

College Football Jersey Number Codes

College Football Team Nicknames That DON'T End with the Letter "S"

Top 25 Greatest Players In College Football History

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If there is anything you would like to see on ListAfterList, let us know. And, if you have any friends who might enjoy ListAfterList, let us know that too.

Your Fellow Lister,

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List of Celebrity Golfer Handicaps

Celeb Golfing

Celebrity Golfer's Handicaps: Who is the best?
Here are some of the handicaps of many of Hollywood's celebrity golfers (from best to worst):
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List of Places to Get Good Coffee


Best Tasting Coffee in the World
What is the freshest, best tasting, best smelling coffee you buy?
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List of Celebrity Deaths


Top 10 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths
Celebrities all seem to have the good life, the perfect looks, the perfect house, the perfect cars. However, sometimes things are not as they seem, here is a list of some of the most mysterious celebrity deaths. What really happened?
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List of Ten Best QBs in Madden 2010

madden 10

Top 10 Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 10
Think Tom Brady is number 1? Think again. Did your quarterback make the top ten? You might be surprised who did. Find out everything about the Madden 10 player rankings here:
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List of Paul Rudd Movies

I Love You Man

Top 10 Most Hilarious Paul Rudd Movies
Paul Rudd's newest hilarious adult comedy was just released on DVD and Blu-ray and may be his best yet. But what is your favorite Paul Rudd film?
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List of Ways to Win a Reality TV Talent Show

America's Vote

Top 10 Ways to Win an America's Vote Talent Show
Most Americans already know all of this, you just don't know it. Since the influx of reality TV 10 years ago, we have all been instinctively brainwashed with these ten tips that could easily win you "American Idol" or "America's Got Talent" or whatever show you need votes from the American audience to win.
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List of Shaq's Nicknames


Shaq's New Nicknames in Cleveland
What will The Big Cactus be called now that he has left Phoenix for Cleveland? Here are the best nicknames for Shaq now that he wears a red-and-wine Cavs jersey.
Lister: The Cheese Category: Sports Tags: NBA

List of Best One Liners


Great One Liners from Various Movies
The following is a list of entertaining one-liners from different films. Do you have any favorites that aren't listed?
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List of Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

Veg in NYC

Ten Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New York City
The following is list of the top 10 place to go to eat vegetarian food in New York City as selected by
Lister: John Category: Local Tags: NYC

List of Strange Baseball Rituals


Baseball Players Strange Rituals
Baseball players have a few strange rituals before and during the game, fearing if they fail to do them, it will result in a loss. Here's a few.
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List of Ways to be Happier

Life Tips

22 Things You Can Do Daily to Improve Your Life
You can only grow yourself little by little everyday. So, to improve your life, the focus should be on the small things you do daily. Here are 22 things you can do.
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List of Fat Golfers on PGA Tour

Fat Golfers

Fattest Golfers on the PGA Tour
Golfers aren't know for being "athletes." Rightfully so huh? It's not as if you have to be in peak physical condition to walk besides your caddy and swing a little stick 72 times per day. Probably why so many professional golfers are overweight. This is a list of the heaviest golfers on the PGA Tour (by weight in pounds):
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List of Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Spells, Charms and Curses
Here is a list of all the spells, charms, hexes and curses in the Harry Potter films and books:
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List of Superhero Alter Egos


Superhero's Secret Identities and Alter Egos
Do you know the secret identities and/or alter egos of any other superheroes?
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List of Differences in "Watchmen" Director's Cut DVD/Blu-ray


What's New in the Watchmen Director's Cut?
Here are the differences from the original theatrical version of Watchmen that you saw in theaters, and the new Watchmen Director's Cut on DVD and Blu-ray:
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List of Reasons We Didn't Land on the Moon

Moon Hoax

Apollo Hoax: Top 10 Reasons We Never Landed on the Moon
One of the most infamous conspiracy theories of all time is the moon landing hoax, did American astronauts on Apollo really land on the moon? Or was it all staged in a movie studio and covered up by the U.S. government?
Lister: PrattEdit Category: Science Tags: IDKT

List of Fictional Wizards

Harry Potter the Wizard

Top 10 Wizards of All Time
A wizard is a person with magical powers, or exceptional / extraordinary abilities. But some are more extraordinary than others. So who do you think are the top 10 wizards of all time? (Add 'em to the list) And where does Harry Potter fall?
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List of Good Workout Songs

Workout Music

Playlist: Iron and Fist Pumping Work Out Songs
Need some music to get you pumped up to workout? This is a playlist for gyms, weightrooms, and tracks.
Lister:Editor Category:Music

List of Vinny Chase Movies


Which Vincent Chase Movie Do You Want to See?
Vincent Chase, the star of HBOs Entourage, has made 6 movies in the first 5 seasons of of the show. Which one would you most like to see made in the real world?
Lister:Ryan Category:TV

List of Differences Between the iPhone 3.0 OS Update and the New iPhone 3GS Hardware

iPhone 3GS

Differences Between the iPhone 3.0 OS Update and the New iPhone 3GS Hardware
Wondering if you should just update your 1st-generation iPhone or iPhone 3G with the new 3.0 OS or actually pay for the new hardware iPhone 3GS? Here are the differences between the two (the iPhone 3GS also has...):
Lister:Ryan Pratt Category:Technology

List of "Rules of Thumb"

Rules of Thumb

Rules of Thumb
If you need some helpful advice on something, anything, you might be able to find it here, under this list of different rules of thumb:
Lister:Pratt Category:Life & Love

List of Ten Most Memorable Pitches in MLB History

Baseball Pitchers

Ten Pitchers Infamous for One Bad Pitch
These pitchers may have been great, they may even end up Hall-of-Famers, but, they will never forget that one bad pitch that will forever live in history - and neither will we!
Lister:Pratt Category:Sports

List of Quotes from Saved by the Bell

Saved By the Bell

Top 10 "Saved by the Bell" Quotes
Here are ten (or more) classic quotes from the "Saved by the Bell" TV series:
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List of Most Expensive Music Videos

Michael Jackson

Top 10 Most Expensive Music Videos Ever
They spent $53,000 on breaking guitars alone in the Michael Jackson video "Scream"
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List of Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Father Daughter Wedding Dance

Top 10 Father/Daughter Wedding Dance Songs
These are some great suggestions for a father-daughter dance song at a wedding:
Lister:Pratt Category:Music