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Top 20 Perfectly Timed Pictures Ever Taken

Unbelievable photos taken at the perfect time and angle:


Leaning Tower Distance Illusion


Cat Sniper Juxtaposition


Sphinx Kiss Distance Illusion


Long armed soccer player Humorous Closeup


Nose picking picture Distance Illusion


Statue Shooting Hoops Basketball Distance Illusion


Lightning Strikes the Empire State Building photo


Distance Illusion 3


Humorous Closeup 9


Ship Fire Fart Distance Illusion


Humorous Closeup 7


God Died for Our Dunkin Donuts Juxtaposition


Shark chasing canoe


Young girl is already a supermodel Intentional Overlap


Balding Queen Dollar Inteional Overlap


Clanton Boothill Ghost photo


Humorous Closeup 8


Humorous Closeup 6


Famous Lochness Monster photo


Lamp head Humorous Closeup

Top 12 Christmas Presents for a Star Wars Fan

Most of these things are easily purchased, but some are as elusive as the Force.

1. A light saber with sound effects and glowing lights. (ranging from $20 to $150 or so)
2. The model of the Rancor with saliva dripping off his mouth ($300!)
3. A talking Yoda doll ($30)
4. DVD of the original Star Wars toy commercials. ($10 online) Remember, "Chewie, you've got great legs!"
5. Any of the super cute M & M tree ornaments. My favorite is the Blue M & M as Han Solo. (about $5)
6. Star Wars edition of Trivial Pursuit. ($15-$50 depending on which version you get)
7. R2D2 Robot ($120)
8. A complete set of the large, 12", action figures. So much more fun than the dinky ones!
9. Full storm trooper armor
10. A kick in the pants for George Lucas for the stupid remake of the cantina scene. Han shot first!
11. Brain washing powder so you can forget things like "Yipee!", "Now this is pod racing" and "Let's go play ball"
12. Wookie suit made from real monkey hair

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My Bucket List

These are the things I absolutely have-to and must do before I kick the bucket! (make your own bucket list on - mine bucket list is there, click here)

1. Skydiving
2. Get in a shark cage with great white sharks at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
3. Have a kid and teach him to throw and catch a ball
4. Write a screenplay for a movie
5. Learn to play a song on a guitar
6. Take ballroom dancing lessons
7. Drive a Ferrari
8. Drive a racecar around a track at full speed
9. Bungee jumping
10. Perform a stand-up comedy act in an open mic night comedy club
11. Watch all 6 Star Wars movies back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back
12. Hit a homerun in a real, big-league stadium
13. Get an official timing of my 40-yard dash
14. Play 18 holes at Pebble Beach
15. Have a beer in a bar in Germany
16. Go to Mardi Gras
17. Go to Oktoberfest
18. See the ball drop in Times Square, NYC, New York
19. Eat Brussels sprout
20. Read "Crime & Punishment"
21. Read "The Art of War"
22. See Casablanca in a movie theater with a bucket a popcorn
23. Try and "In & Out" burger
24. Go a month without Cable TV
25. Learn another language, fluently
26. Kick a field goal in a real NFL stadium
27. Jump off a 50ft+ waterfall
28. White-water rafting

Monday, November 19, 2007

iPhone Users get Laid More Often

See-ya Lloyd Carr! Thanks for...

"Goodbye" to Lloyd Carr! Thank you for all the memories! Thanks for...

  • 13 "winning" seasons at helm of the school up North, if you call winning...
  • losing 36 games while coaching at Michigan, including 21 games in the Big Ten
  • being 1-7 in your last 8 games against Ohio State, the first/worst coach in Michigan history
  • never beating USC, Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Oregon or Nebraska
  • teaching me where Appalachian State is found on a map of the United States
  • transferring from Missouri when in college because you were still a backup QB after 3 years on the team
  • losing 7 bowl games during your tenure, its alright, you almost broke .500
  • finishing out of the top 25 in the AP polls in 2005, the stupid computers are probably biased
  • going 2-11 in the last 7 years against Ohio State and in bowl games, those games don't really matter anyway
  • not sending any players to the NFL Draft in 1994, 1988, 1985 or 1981, the NFL has too many thieves and felons already
  • not starting Tom Brady in his first two years at Michigan, and debating between him and Brian Griese and Drew Henson constantly, Brady's not very good anyway
  • leaving Illinois to become the DB coach at Michigan
  • your active support of women’s athletics, too bad there's no women's college football!
  • all your no-eye-contact, wimpy-man hand shakes with Jim Tressel at midfield, it accurately represents your inadequacy against the his Buckeyes (1-6 head-to-head record)
  • your team's 91 total yards against the Buckeyes in 2007, the first time UM had been held under 100 yards since 1962

    Tuesday, November 6, 2007

    A-Rod's Agent Boras Asks for $350 Million - More Than 11 MLB Teams Value

    The Yankees were told by agent Scott Boras that they could not meet with Alex Rodriguez unless they presented an extension offer that guaranteed the star $350 million "as a floor." That is more than 11 MLB teams are actually valued at. (In his defense, the Yankees are valued at more than $1+ BILLION)

    1. Toronto Blue Jays $344 million
    2. Arizona Diamondbacks $339 million
    3. Colorado Rockies $317 million
    4. Cincinnati Reds $307 million
    5. Oakland Athletics $292 million
    6. Minnesota Twins $288 million
    7. Milwaukee Brewers $287 million
    8. Kansas City Royals $282 million
    9. Pittsburgh Pirates $274 million
    10. Tampa Bay Devil Rays $267 million
    11. Florida Marlins $244 million

    Top 10 Worst Ways to Die in Video Games

    Some of the worst imaginable ways to die (thanks to video games):

    1. A sword through the forehead - Zelda Windwaker (kills Gannon)
    2. Decapitation (Subzero causes a rating system to be made) - Mortal Kombat
    3. Death by boobies (Orchid shows you her boobs, then you die) - Killer Instinct
    4. Eye impalement - God of War
    5. Post death teabag (stick your nuts in somebody's face) (also shoot someone in the nuts) - Halo 3
    6. Crushed by hero's body weight - Mario
    7. Death by weiners (and then being t-bagged by the same hot dog) - Burger Time
    8. Obliteration - Metroid
    9. Cannibalism - Cubivor
    10. Being knocked into oblivion by a frog with a giant fist, boot, or head - Battletoads

    Source: VIDEO

    TV Shows Affected by the Writer's Strike

    This is a list of TV shows that will be affected by the Writer's Guild of America strike currently in progress. The writers want more residuals for DVD and internet reruns of shows. Ofcourse, this strike doesn't affect reality TV shows, but does have immediate impact on the late night and other talk shows. The following shows will be forced to show reruns until the strike is resolvedm (if you know any more add em in comments):

  • "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

  • "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"

  • "The Late Show with David Letterman"

  • "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

  • "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

  • "The Colbert Report"

  • "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson"

  • "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

  • "Last Call with Carson Daly"

  • Real Time with Bill Maher HBO

  • The Office

    Friday, November 2, 2007

    What It Takes To Be A Buckeye

    This is what it takes to be a true Ohio Stater, a real Buckeye:

  • Never agree to get married on a Saturday Ohio State is scheduled to play football. There are typically 40 other freakin' weekends to choose from...sack up and make her choose one of those!
  • Never attend a wedding during an Ohio State football game unless you carry a TV......and watch it even during the ceremony.
  • It is OK to wear an OSU football jersey even when old....and fat....and bald. Extra points if you've got an OSU baseball cap on backwards, sit in the "Huntington Club" seats and repeatedly spill stuff on anyone named "Chas" or "Muffy." (Make sure you do so early and often because they'll be long gone by the end of the third period). Maybe some "real" fans will take their seats.
  • Always, and I mean ALWAYS, return any "O...H" with a hearty "I...O." This is true even during funerals, sex, in foreign countries or when witnessing the birth of your child.
  • When driving on I-75 during spring break season (March through April), every fifth vehicle you see with Michigan license plates should be honked at then flipped off. By Tennessee, even those dumb SOB's should get the point.
  • When Notre Dame plays Michigan, it is mandatory to despise both teams. There are no winners.
  • You cannot have a second favorite football team behind OSU. You are permitted to have another team (non-Big Ten or ND) that you hate less than the others.
  • It is OK to be emotional (and even "tear" up) during the following: Script Ohio, Your child's first Buckeye game, Carmen Ohio, During a Tressel speech, Listening to "What I Want", Remembering Woody, After beating Michigan, Winning the National Championship, When NFL Buckeyes state on MNF that they are from "THE" Ohio State University, Hearing the phrase, "Rest easy Woody, the new man has arrived." Ramp entrance
  • It is not cool to make fun of the Neutron Man. Especially now that he is watching games with Woody.
  • Buckeye necklaces must be worn at all times on game day from the time you leave your place of abode until you return. One other time: If you happen to get desperate and are in the process of bagging a girl from Michigan, you must have on your Buckeye necklace to ward off any feelings of affection. (This is true even if you go over to the dark side and marry her).
  • Always take off your hat during Carmen Ohio and physically remove the hats of anyone in your vicinity who fails to do so.
  • Everyone should rush the field after an OSU home victory over Michigan at least once in their lifetime. (Extra kudos for those of you who rushed the field at IU and tore down THEIR goalposts a few years ago...c'mon you know who you are!).
  • Once your children attain age ten, they should be allowed to say "F" Michigan but only during game day in your presence.
  • Attending Skull Session is mandatory at least once each season.
  • ESPN employees must be verbally taunted at every opportunity.

  • When you die, you must have at least one item of Buckeye memorabilia with you. (Specify which one in your will, that way your spouse won't pick something stupid).
  • You must be willing to die to defend your right to drink beer during tailgates.
  • You are forbidden to fall for the National Media crap sandwich that Joe Pa is still a "good guy." In reality, he is a bitter, senile old man reduced to a cheerleader and referee-baitor. His credibility went south forever when he hired Galen "Cheatin" Hall to resurrect his sorry football program.
  • Recruiting must be followed as intensely as any game. This is true even if it puts your job/career at risk.
  • Attend the Spring Game. It makes it easier to survive the summer.
  • When in church, it is not sacrilegious to count being a Buckeye as one of your blessings.
  • Try to never boo a former or current Buckeye football player.
  • Correct anyone who doesn't refer to OSU as "THE" Ohio State University. If they argue with you over what they think to be a nit-picky point, you are free to kick their a$$.
  • When making fun of guys in marching bands always caveat your comments with a statement that, regardless of what you just said, anyone in TBDBITL is very cool.
  • Admit that secretly, you wished you played tuba and could dot the "i." You'd even be willing to put on a few dozen pounds to look the part.
  • You would not trade the opportunity to swill beer while listening to The Danger Brothers after an OSU victory over Michigan for tickets to any rock band that has ever existed.
  • It is important to consider the "good old days" ARE NOW. Enjoy them even when OSU doesn't win the NC.
  • Scarlet and Gray always works. Maize and Blue is always gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  • Drinking alcohol before 9:00 A.M. is, at best, immature, and likeky, a sign of a serious problem. Except on game day.
  • It is never ok to talk to a stranger at the urinal next to you unless he is dressed in OSU garb. That said, the topic should be limited to Buckeye football.
  • There are no bad seats in Buckeye Stadium.
  • If you attend a game at Wisconsin, you must never engage in "Jump Around" at the end of the third quarter no matter how tempting. Also, never, and I mean never, take your kids to a Wisconsin game unless you want to explain why everyone there are drunken jerks.
  • If your wife asks you what was the greatest night of your life, admit the truth that it was January 3, 2003. Sex isn't as important or rewarding as that NC.
  • Plant a Buckeye tree in your yard.
  • Hang a Buckeye flag on game day. If any of your neighbors counter with a Michigan flag, it is your solemn duty to tear it down and deface it anyway you see fit.
  • It is "ok" to not get the drum major thing; it is "not ok" to fail to cheer when the plume touches the field.
  • Be thankful beer is not sold during the game. It leaves more room for HineyGate.
  • In honor of Woody, the principle of "paying forward" should be practiced at all times by all Buckeyes.

    Halo 3 Skull Locations - with Video

    MAKE SURE YOU START EACH LEVEL FROM THE BEGINNING AND ARE ON AT LEAST NORMAL DIFFICULTY! Skulls were first introduced in Halo 2, where picking up a hidden skull in the “Legendary” game difficulty would create an undesirable effect against the player (such as not being able to see anything on their HUD). In Halo 3, skulls can be found scattered throughout the levels on Normal, Heroic, and Legendary difficulty settings. Picking up “Golden” skulls will also unlock an achievement on the Xbox 360. After picking up a skull in the game, you can enable the skull’s effects in Meta Games, which will in turn multiply your meta game score. Overall, Skulls can make for a very interesting play experience, and really help to show who is the Master of the game through meta game scores. THE VIDEO IS BELOW!

    1. Iron Skull - The “Iron Skull” is located at the very end of the first level, “Sierra 117?. It is located behind the building where Sgt. Johnson is being held captive, up on the roof. You can gain access to the roof on the far right side of the building. Travel all the way over to the left side of the roof, and the Skull will be concealed in the corner.
    2. Black Eye Skull - This Skull is located in the beginning of the second level “Crow’s Nest”, the very room you start in. Hanging down from the ceiling is some piping. On top of this piping, on the side nearest to the large display (the one that Hood appears on) lies the “Black Eye Skull”.
    3. Tough Luck Skull - The “Catch Skull” is found on the third level, at the point in the level when the huge covenant cruiser flies overhead. On your left is some large piping following the road you are walking on. Underneath this piping are some support beams that extend out over a cliff. Jump onto the first of these beams, and travel to the end of it. Look to your left, and the Tough Luck Skull will be sitting on a rock extending from a cliff edge.
    4. Catch Skull - The “Catch Skull” can be found on the fourth level, in the first area where you need to destroy the Wraith Tanks. When you enter this area, do not eliminate the Wraith Tanks (The skull appears when the tanks appear, and disappears when the tanks are destroyed). The Skull is located on top of the circular building next to the Anti-Air Tank. You can access the roof using a grenade jump, or jumping on the back of a hog.
    5. Fog Skull - The Fog Skull is found on the level “Floodgate“, at the very beginning of the level. As you are walking down from the anti-air gun you destroyed in the previous mission, you encounter a ramp (next to a missile launcher). Around this ramp, you hit a checkpoint. At this point, you should also hear a marine yelling, “There! Over There!”. You have a small window of opportunity at this point, but it is fairly easy to get the Fog Skull. Look up, and to the right, directly at the roof of the building next to the missle launcher. There is a single flood form (not to be mistaken with the two other flood forms jumping in front of you) which is holding the skull. Kill him before he jumps, and he will drop the skull down to the ground where you can retrieve it. Too early, and the skull will get stuck on the roof though, so just time it carefully.
    6. Famine Skull - You can find the “Famine Skull” on the sixth level, near the point where the path you follow branches off into two sections (one leading to the area where you need to let the tanks across the bridge, and the other leading towards the area where you meet up with the frigate). Take the right path, as you would if you were completing the mission, and you’ll notice a structure above you / to the left of you (near the area where you encounter a few ghosts). You need to scale the rocks to the right of the structure, and then travel across it so that you pass 3 of the large support beams extending into the cliffs. Inside of the fourth support beam, lies the Famine Skull. A well placed grenade should have you up there in no time! Another Way of getting the skull according to Kaboodle is to Hijack a Brute Chopper (there are plenty in the level that you can take), and then drive it up the rocks to the right of the structure, and jump the ledge onto the structure. Once on top, si
    7. Thunderstorm Skull - The “Thunderstorm Skull” can be found on the level, “The Covenant”, after you take command of one of the Hornet vehicles. Fly towards the second force field generator (the one the Arbiter disabled), and land. The skull is waiting at the very top, at the end of the ramp extending over the sea.
    8. Tilt Skull - The “Tilt Skull” is found on the level “Cortana”, in the circular room where Cortana mentions that she “Likes to play games too…”. It’s a bit difficult to get to, as it requires getting on top of the ceiling of the room. Upon entering the room, head towards the left side where you will see some mushroom shaped extrusions along the wall. Get on top of these, and then look up and towards the right for another set of extrusions. Jump to these. From here, you should be able to jump on top of the ceiling of the room, where the Tilt Skull lies in the center.
    9. Mythic Skull - This is probably the easiest Golden skull in the game to get. It is located in the very beginning of the final level in Halo 3. Begin by heading into the canyon, but hug the right wall. Very soon, you will notice that there is a turn to the right that is off the normal trail. Head a bit down this path, and the “Mythic Skull” will be sitting there.
    10. Blind Skull - The “Blind Skull” is the first of the Silver Skulls in Halo 3, and can be found in the first mission, “Sierra 117?. It is located relatively close to the beginning of the mission. After your first encounter with the Gold Armor Brute, Two enemy dropships will appear a bit further down the stream. Go towards the dropship that is furthest away, and stay on the right side of the stream. Continue along the right (towards the cliff edge), and a rock will jut out a bit over the large lake. The Blind Skull is located on this rock.
    11. Grunt Birthday Party Skull - This is one of the more fun Silver Skulls in Halo 3. The “Grunt Birthday Party Skull” is located on the second mission, “Crow’s Nest”, just before the area where you team up with the Arbiter (it’s the piping area where you see Drones buzzing in and out of an array of pipes). Just before you jump down the pipe to meet up with the Arbiter, stop at the ledge, and look directly below you. Along the wall that you drop down, there is a small ledge with a green arrow pointing backwards. jump onto this ledge (rather than all the way down), and go inside this secret room. The skull is in the dead center of the room.
    12. Cowbell Skull - The “Cowbell Skull” is found on the level “The Ark”, and marks the third Silver Skull found in the game. It’s fairly far into the level, so it takes a bit of time to find it. Begin by heading all the way to the part of the level where you battle the Scarab. After defeating it, look in the middle of the desert area which you battled it in for a fairly large structure (it’s the building you see if you are at the bottom of the ramp you are supposed to go up, and turn to look in the opposite direction). Inside of this structure are several Gravity Lifts (shown below). Take one of these for later. First, get a Grav Lift from Here. Next, head up the huge ramp, and head inside of the building (the one with the cartographer inside). Pass through a few of the rooms in this building, and you’ll eventually come to a room with a whole lot of Explosive crates. Right after this room is a Staircase/Hallway that leads to the level below. The Skull is located at the top of the room, at
    13. IWHBYD Skull - Triggering the skull is done in the "Covenant" map with the seven Halo rings. You must jump through the rings in a certain order. Gamers knew something was odd because jumping through the rings produced different notes of sound. Assuming the first ring in the room is #1 and the last ring in the room is #7, the rings must be jumped through in this order: 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    Skull Locations

    Lister: Pratt

    Nature's Most Extreme Nightlights

    "The Most Extreme" is a long-running documentary TV series on the American cable television network, Animal Planet. It first aired on July 1, 2002. Each episode focuses on a specific animal feat, such as strength, speed, flirtation, appendages, diet, etc., and examines and ranks 10 animals which portray extreme or unusual examples of that quality. The rankings are not arrived at by a scientifically rigorous process; they serve only to give a broad depiction.

    1. Anglerfish) They have to be bright to survive in the eternally dark and murky depths of the deep sea.
    2. Glow Worm Glowing slime to catch prey in caves.
    3. Flashlight Fish) Cheeks glow.
    4. Sea Firefly) Uses neon to find a mate, and if swallowed, its nightlight makes the predator spit it out.
    5. Firefly) Butt lights up.
    6. Cookie-Cutter Shark) They can appear invisible, the way that the sunrays reflect off of them.
    7. Limpet) Emits lights out of its mouth when threatened.
    8. Budgie) Glows when aroused under UV light.
    9. Scorpion) Glows under ultraviolet light.
    10. Wolf) Eyes glow in the dark.

    If You Are From Ohio State, It Is Okay to Cry During the Following...

    It is OK to be emotional (and even "tear" up) during the following:

  • Script Ohio
  • Your child's first Buckeye game
  • Carmen Ohio
  • During a Tressel speech
  • Listening to "What I Want"
  • Remembering Woody
  • After beating Michigan
  • Winning the National Championship
  • When NFL Buckeyes state on MNF that they are from "THE" Ohio State University.
  • Hearing the phrase, "Rest easy Woody, the new man has arrived." Ramp entrance

    Top 10 Most Exciting Players in the NBA Today

    The NBA TV ratings are struggling these days, and even David Stern is concerned. But it's blatantly obvious there isn't a whole lot of exciting players in the NBA these days. Who wants to watch the Jazz play the Hawks? However, there are some players who can still draw a crowd and sell tickets!

    1. Kobe Bryant - his offensive game is electrifyingly solid, especially in the 4th quarter
    2. Lebron James - he is the Chosen One (and beyond the high flying dunks, watch him pass the ball)
    3. Tracy McGrady - did you see him dunk over that 7-footer in international play?
    4. Vince Carter - the best collection of dunks in dunk contest history
    5. Amare Stoudemire - plays big like Yao, yet quick like Iverson
    6. Kevin Garnett - ditto
    7. Allen Iverson - so fast, so darting, so hard
    8. Dwight Howard - he's good on offense, and amping on defense
    9. Gilbert Arenas - will hit big shots from anywhere on the floor
    10. Michael Redd - just watch him catch fire

    Top 10 Waterfall Pictures

    The best pictures of waterfalls (click to enlarge):

    1. Horseshoe Falls, Niagra Falls, New York & Canada
    2. Havasu Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation, Arizona
    3. Angel Falls, Orinoco Basin, Canaima National Park, Venezuela
    4. Hopetoun Falls, Aire River, Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia
    5. Ramona Falls, Mount Hood Wilderness, Oregon
    6. El Nicho Falls, Sierra de Trinidad, Cuba
    7. Giessbach Waterfalls, Switzerland
    8. Lugard Falls, Galana River, Tsavo East National Park, Kenya
    9. Minas Viejas Waterfalls, Huasteca Potosina, Mexico
    10. Purakaunui Falls, The Catlins, South Island, New Zealand