Monday, November 19, 2007

See-ya Lloyd Carr! Thanks for...

"Goodbye" to Lloyd Carr! Thank you for all the memories! Thanks for...

  • 13 "winning" seasons at helm of the school up North, if you call winning...
  • losing 36 games while coaching at Michigan, including 21 games in the Big Ten
  • being 1-7 in your last 8 games against Ohio State, the first/worst coach in Michigan history
  • never beating USC, Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Oregon or Nebraska
  • teaching me where Appalachian State is found on a map of the United States
  • transferring from Missouri when in college because you were still a backup QB after 3 years on the team
  • losing 7 bowl games during your tenure, its alright, you almost broke .500
  • finishing out of the top 25 in the AP polls in 2005, the stupid computers are probably biased
  • going 2-11 in the last 7 years against Ohio State and in bowl games, those games don't really matter anyway
  • not sending any players to the NFL Draft in 1994, 1988, 1985 or 1981, the NFL has too many thieves and felons already
  • not starting Tom Brady in his first two years at Michigan, and debating between him and Brian Griese and Drew Henson constantly, Brady's not very good anyway
  • leaving Illinois to become the DB coach at Michigan
  • your active support of women’s athletics, too bad there's no women's college football!
  • all your no-eye-contact, wimpy-man hand shakes with Jim Tressel at midfield, it accurately represents your inadequacy against the his Buckeyes (1-6 head-to-head record)
  • your team's 91 total yards against the Buckeyes in 2007, the first time UM had been held under 100 yards since 1962

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