Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Top 10 Worst Ways to Die in Video Games

Some of the worst imaginable ways to die (thanks to video games):

1. A sword through the forehead - Zelda Windwaker (kills Gannon)
2. Decapitation (Subzero causes a rating system to be made) - Mortal Kombat
3. Death by boobies (Orchid shows you her boobs, then you die) - Killer Instinct
4. Eye impalement - God of War
5. Post death teabag (stick your nuts in somebody's face) (also shoot someone in the nuts) - Halo 3
6. Crushed by hero's body weight - Mario
7. Death by weiners (and then being t-bagged by the same hot dog) - Burger Time
8. Obliteration - Metroid
9. Cannibalism - Cubivor
10. Being knocked into oblivion by a frog with a giant fist, boot, or head - Battletoads

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