Thursday, November 29, 2007

Top 12 Christmas Presents for a Star Wars Fan

Most of these things are easily purchased, but some are as elusive as the Force.

1. A light saber with sound effects and glowing lights. (ranging from $20 to $150 or so)
2. The model of the Rancor with saliva dripping off his mouth ($300!)
3. A talking Yoda doll ($30)
4. DVD of the original Star Wars toy commercials. ($10 online) Remember, "Chewie, you've got great legs!"
5. Any of the super cute M & M tree ornaments. My favorite is the Blue M & M as Han Solo. (about $5)
6. Star Wars edition of Trivial Pursuit. ($15-$50 depending on which version you get)
7. R2D2 Robot ($120)
8. A complete set of the large, 12", action figures. So much more fun than the dinky ones!
9. Full storm trooper armor
10. A kick in the pants for George Lucas for the stupid remake of the cantina scene. Han shot first!
11. Brain washing powder so you can forget things like "Yipee!", "Now this is pod racing" and "Let's go play ball"
12. Wookie suit made from real monkey hair

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