Friday, November 2, 2007

Nature's Most Extreme Nightlights

"The Most Extreme" is a long-running documentary TV series on the American cable television network, Animal Planet. It first aired on July 1, 2002. Each episode focuses on a specific animal feat, such as strength, speed, flirtation, appendages, diet, etc., and examines and ranks 10 animals which portray extreme or unusual examples of that quality. The rankings are not arrived at by a scientifically rigorous process; they serve only to give a broad depiction.

1. Anglerfish) They have to be bright to survive in the eternally dark and murky depths of the deep sea.
2. Glow Worm Glowing slime to catch prey in caves.
3. Flashlight Fish) Cheeks glow.
4. Sea Firefly) Uses neon to find a mate, and if swallowed, its nightlight makes the predator spit it out.
5. Firefly) Butt lights up.
6. Cookie-Cutter Shark) They can appear invisible, the way that the sunrays reflect off of them.
7. Limpet) Emits lights out of its mouth when threatened.
8. Budgie) Glows when aroused under UV light.
9. Scorpion) Glows under ultraviolet light.
10. Wolf) Eyes glow in the dark.

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