Friday, February 8, 2008

Just Shut Up!

This is a list of people you wish would just shut up!

  • Brian McNamee (or should we say Brian McNamer) - hows come no one realizes the fact he does an incentive to lie! He had to name some juicy names to get a pardon from legal actions against himself, so who better to name then Roger Clemens?! Duke lacrosse case repeat!

  • NFL Pro Bowl - we know, no one watches it, you don't have to keep reminding us, change the date/system or just shut up!

  • The sports world about Barry Bonds (we all know he did steroids and we will never prove it)

  • Schools saying that dodgeball is not allowed in schools (you have to be kidding me, no wonder our nation's children are getting so fat)

  • News people about Anna Nicole's baby (leave the woman to rest in peace and let them figure out who the best guardian will be - its not as if we have any say or clue)

  • Entertainment shows and magazines about Britney Spears (leave the poor girl alone)

    read about more people who should JUST SHUT UP! here

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