Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sliced Bread, Powdered Milk, and 10 Chipotle Burritos

Hey Listers,

It’s been a while. Hope you are still listing! Sure looks like you are. LAL has over 14,500 lists now! A lot has happened since I wrote you last:

The new Indiana Jones premiered and bombed. Well critically bombed at least; box-office numbers did okay despite the horrid reviews and me walking out of the theater half-way through; did you know you can’t get refunds for movies utterly sucking ?

Seems like Harrison Ford has been around longer than sliced bread doesn’t it? Ford’s first role as a bellhop in “Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round ,” was the same year the Beatles’ John Lennon made the comment in an interview published in The London Evening Standard, "We're more popular than Jesus now.” Speaking of more popular than Jesus, did you know Ford had roles in many of biggest box-office hits of all time , though his role in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (as Elliot's school principal) was deleted from the final cut of the film. It’s shocking that he is only #75 on the list of Top 100 Actors and Actresses with the Most Movie and TV Appearances .

Other debuts include new iPhone 3G. It still sucks!

Big Brown made his bid at the Triple Crown of horse racing only to come up short in the final leg . No pun intended. But speaking of slipping up:

Sarah Palin tripped and fell bum -backwards into the Republican VP seat, political spotlight and harsh media criticisms (Caution: Alaskan ice slippery when wet).

As the Presidential election gets closer, more and more celebrities are choosing sides of the aisle. Hollywood is known to be left-leaning , but there are some celebs openly backing McCain as well on the other side of the aisle.

And how about Michael Phelps?! Not his political views; and actually NOT the 8 gold medals either, because that’s nothing compared to his daily food intake. 12,000 calories! Do you know what that is equal to? Have you ever tried to eat two Chipotle burritos? I have and I cannot even imagine ten! I have a better chance at London gold in the 200-free.

…Anyway, I hope you keep listing , adding to those wiki lists , and continually checking back with ListAfterList as it becomes the biggest thing since powdered milk . Or is it “biggest since sliced bread” and “longer than powdered milk”? Powdered milk was first spotted by Marco Polo in Mongolia in 1275; that’s not that long is it? Or very big? Wait, what does powdered milk have to do with anything?

Nevermind that, here is one final, actually important question: What are the options you have if your boss’s toupee falls on the floor?

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