Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 Random Things about

Hey Listers,

In case you didn’t know, Facebook is the cause of the two latest social networking crazes: a list of 25 random things about oneself, and tagging an emoticon poster (aka a picture of smiley faces with different emotions) with the appropriate Facebook friend. I will avoid mentioning the latter again, in order to not give it any more legs than its already grown.

The other craze has already grown legs, legs like the giant spider monster in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Everyone was doing it. Every major news source had stories about it. Imagine Beanie Baby Teletubbies that laugh when you tickle its stomach. Yeh, that big. But fortunately that monster’s been slain.

Until now! I’m bringing it back, baby! One last time. Like a Barbara Streisand comeback tour. Here are the 25 random things you didn’t know about

  1. LAL is slang for – not to be confused with the L.A. Lakers or Indo-Iranian word meaning “red friend queen”
  2. You can follow LAL on Twitter and get all the new lists dumped into your feed with all of Ashton Kutcher, William Shatner and the REAL Shaq’s updates
  3. LAL eats Snickers bars with a fork
  4. LAL gave into the peer pressure and got on Facebook
  5. LAL is trying to find a better job just like all of you on LinkedIn
  6. LAL is the #1 Google search result for terms like “celebrity gamertags” and “types of ecosystems” as well as “other words for penis”, “famous sidekicks” and “23 flavors of dr. pepper”
  7. LAL was fat in high school
  8. LAL now has over 16,000 lists
  9. LAL has been pooped on by a flying flamingo
  10. LAL now has over 2,000 listers who have created at least 1 list
  11. LAL was born on February 26, 2007 – sharing birthdays with Michael Bolton, Levi Strauss, Johnny Cash and Marshall Faulk and same day as the final radio broadcast of Dragnet
  12. LAL has had over 2 million visitors since its birthday
  13. LAL has 6 toes
  14. LAL has hundreds of lists across 29 different categories
  15. LAL drinks two glasses of Treleaven Riesling every night before bed
  16. The most popular list of all-time on LAL is Famous Celebrity XBOX Gamertags
  17. LAL once had a message show up in its Alpha Bits cereal – it said “Ooooooo”
  18. The sports category is the most popular category, followed closely by movies and personalities
  19. Worst” is the most popular search term on LAL
  20. LAL cried at the end of the “Rudy” when he finally runs out onto the field
  21. If LAL were on death row and had to choose one final meal to eat, it would definitely be Chipotle
  22. LAL has become THE place to create and share “bucket lists” with the rest of the world
  23. LAL hates it when people nay-say something before trying it
  24. On LAL you can edit, re-order and add to any wiki list someone else has created
  25. LAL is being a complete hypocrite

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ListAfterList Updates and Reminders
Have you tried the new search on LAL powered by Google? It is much more effective. Now you can think of LAL as a place of reference, instead of just a website where you can find randomly cool stuff and interesting trivial lists. Find a bucket list of a die-hard sports fan, or the list of 5 NFL teams that haven’t played in the Super Bowl. Even try using LAL when you are looking for birthday gifts for someone (i.e. Top 10 Gifts for a Star Wars Fan).

If there is anything you would like to see on ListAfterList, let us know. And, if you have any friends who might enjoy ListAfterList, let us know that too.

Your Fellow Lister,
Ryan Pratt

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