Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fourteen Rules for Nut Ridgers

The Pratt family has spent every summer of their lives for 4 generations and 70-some consecutive years at our cottages on the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. These two cottages - one red, one white - are purely summer homes for entertainment and relaxation. But there are some rules:
  1. Never call it a mosquito bite.
  2. Beer cans only.
  3. Wetsuits permitted only if water temp + air temp < 120 degrees
  4. All putts break towards the lake.
  5. No Mets fans.
  6. It's always Happy Hour.
  7. If it's yellow let it mellow.
  8. No sleeping in the Indian Cave.
  9. Never admit that it rained.
  10. Always tie two half hitches.
  11. Bathe in the lake.
  12. Never bid 5 unless your opponents bid 4.
  13. Lift the yellow raft by the bottom ring.
  14. Only cook over a driftwood fire.
Voluntarily breaking these rules will result in an immediate revoking of the Nut Ridger title and permanently temporary ban from having fun.

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