Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, it looks good!

If you haven't seen this quick clip from Conan O'Brien you need to -- it's hilarious! But beyond that, there's actually a very valuable lesson to be learned.

Despite being an editor for two years of my life -- constantly changing and tweaking content for the better, always redrawing the line between perfection and deadlines -- I have finally learned the secret to life is a simple phrase: "Looks good!"

Those two words can have so many positive effects on your life, whether it be in relationships with friends and loved ones, success at the workplace, or on your own personal self-esteem. Instead of always critiquing yourself and others, just simply say, "Oh, it looks good!"
  • What do you think of this report? "Looks good!"
  • Do you think we need to make any changes? "Looks good!"
  • How does my butt look in these pants? "Looks good!"
Now don't thank me, thank Conan!

Here is the full clip and origin of the Captain America "Looks good" sketch:

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