Saturday, June 2, 2012

Google Wave was the next big thing

Do you remember Google Wave?

You probably don't. But Google Wave was supposed to be the next big thing in social networking. So why should we believe that Google+ will be?

I think the answer is: we shouldn't.

Despite the stats toting it as "the fastest growing social network ever," Google is merely playing catch-up. At least Google Wave was innovative. It was a totally new concept on sharing and collaborating. Google+ is just a combination of Twitter and Facebook. It's really nothing new. And it fails to help us with any problems or needs that Facebook and Twitter don't already solve.

So be cautious. The stats are misleading. And largely inflated by Google+'s integration with its new social search algorithm. Google+ may not die as suddenly as Google Wave but it will never be "the next big thing."


Anonymous said...

It's a bit ironic that Google+ is the only option on your blog to share this post.

Ryan Pratt said...

Yeh. That's just another example of Google forcing the issue. This is a Google Blogger blog, and they don't offer any other integrated widgets for sharing via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.