Sunday, August 11, 2013

The new 80/20 rule

If you've read my blog, seen my presentations, or talked to me about social media, you've probably heard me preach my version of the 80/20 rule (which by the way is in no way related to Joseph M. Juran's Pareto principle) in regards to what you post on social networks:

80% of the things you post online should be professional and in-line with your public profile while the other 20% can and SHOULD be personal or off-topic.

But lately, I've found the 80/20 rule to be useful guideline for many other things in my life. Generally, if you can split a decision into two 2 black-and-white choices, there is a grey area in the middle in which 80% of your decisions should be made near the good, reasonable, acceptable, unusual, and wise choices end of the spectrum and the other 20% near the high-risk, poor, and easy choices end. Here are some examples:
  • Eat 80% healthy foods and 20% junk foods
  • Read 80% enlightening books/articles and 20% gossip
  • Watch 80% enlightening TV/movies and 20% gossip
  • Shop at 80% local stores and 20% national conglomerates
  • Focus 80% on helping others and 20% on helping yourself
  • Invest 80% of your money on safe bonds/plans/accounts and 20% on aggressive stocks
Can you think of any others? Add them in the comments below:

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