Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ryan's New Home with Ryan Homes: A Visual Timeline of the 200-Day New Build Process

Hi, my name is Ryan Pratt. I am multitasking millennial who typically blogs about digital marketing, social media, technology and movies. But I've been too busy over the past 6 months to do much writing. On top of getting married to the love of my life in May of 2014, we also officially started the new home building process with Ryan Homes on April 3rd (Day 1):

Since that day, I've come to realize that blogging about your new build process with Ryan Homes is "a thing that people do." There are actually a lot of great blogs out there:

Just Google "Ryan Homes blog" and you'll find a bunch more -- including at least one for every style of home in every state that they build.

Unfortunately, with so much "stuff" going on at once, I don't have time to create an entire blog dedicated to the process like the those mentioned above, but I did want to create at least one blog post that I'd update occasionally with new photos from our Venice style home. This is that post:

On April 8th, we picked out our carpet, tile, wood floors, countertops and cabinets (Day 6):

By June 28th, they broke ground and started digging our hole (Day 87):

On July 3rd they poured our basement (Day 92):

By August 2nd framing had begun in the basement (Day 122):

And then on August 9th it was starting to look like an actual house (Day 129):

A week later, on August 17th, it had a roof and windows (Day 137):

The garage floor was poured by August 24th the following week (Day 144):

By September 5th the plumber, HVAC, electrician and Guardian Home Technologies had finished their installations. We had our first official walkthrough and pre-drywall meeting inside the home later that week (Day 156):

The garage door and trim was installed and painted by September 10th (Day 161):

And they officially started hanging drywall on September 14th (Day 165):

They started on the external siding on September 19th (Day 170):

And by September 27th the drywall was painted and tile in the bathrooms and laundry room was installed (Day 178):

On October 1st they finished the stone exterior (Day 182):

And by October 4th they had started the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry (Day 185):

On October 6th the lights were installed (Day 187):


And on October 7th they laid the hardwood floors (Day 188):

On October 9th they laid the carpet (Day 190):

On October 16th the granite countertops and appliances were installed (Day 197):

We had our final walkthrough on October 17th (Day 198) and got our keys on October 20th (Day 201)!

Stay tuned for more exterior photos once the sod & landscaping are complete. 

If you've found other great blogs about Ryan Homes or just have a question or comment, please feel free to share below:

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