Monday, February 25, 2013

Move beyond old-fashioned job postings

The job board is slowly becoming an obsolete tool for recruiters. As the job market turns around and social networking continues to grow, active job-board-seekers will near extinction. However, with some creativity and innovation the job posting can still be an extremely useful part of the sourcing process. You just need to repurpose the job description and start proactively seeking candidates yourself.

Each field of information in a job posting can be used as search criteria in any database or social network to refine the pool of candidates and find the perfect match. Use an advanced search tool to hone in on candidates with experience in your industry and preferences that match your job opening's location and function. Looking for a candidate with specific certifications or degrees? Make sure to include it in your boolean search strings. The more information you include in your search the better the quality of hire.

These simple innovative techniques can help recruiters move beyond old-fashioned job postings -- making the job board the first step in a more proactive and effective sourcing process.

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