Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Epics, Comedies and Oscar Winners: Overrated Movies

This is a list of the most overrated movies. Agree? Why? If not, go to ListAfterList and move the ones you think are overrated up, and the ones you think are underrated down.

1. Titanic - it so long for a movie where we already know what happened
2. An Inconvinient Truth - Michael Moore made documentaries the new "cool" thing in Hollywood and this movie road its coattails
3. Shakespeare in Love - good movie, not Oscar worthy with that year's lineup (Saving Private Ryan)
4. Spiderman 3 - what in the world was that scene where Peter Parker is walking down the street with his hair slicked down dancing and giving every woman the wink-and-the-gun? and then the dancing in the Jazz club? wow...
5. The DaVinci Code - the book caused the craze and the film killed it
6. Mission Impossible - what even happened? I've watched it twice
7. Batman - I thought he was supposed to be a kick-ass hero, not a sarcastic joker (that is his enemy)
8. Dreamgirls - a female version of "Ray" (talk about riding coattails)
9. American Beauty - once again, what even happened?
10. Top Gun - there is a reason no other "flyboy" movie has worked since then
11. Magnolia - did anyone even see this movie? It should be higher except it didn't receive THAT much hype
12. The Big Lebowski - why does everyone think this is so funny? is it because it's cool to be different?
13. Brokeback Mountain - I do not understand! The only reason anyone would ever tell people to see this is if they want to see two guys who are movie stars make-out etc. Terrible movie!
14. Lost in Translation - soooo sllooooooowwwwww
15. My Big Fat Greek Wedding - all the hype was unworthy
16. Pirates of the Caribean 2 - basically a transition between the beginning and end. It was a filler-movie.
17. Monster's Ball - unless you want to see Halle Berry naked (who doesn't?) there is no other reason to see this film

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