Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Top 10 Germiest Places in Your "Clean" Home

Places you'd think would not have that many germs compared to others.

1. The kitchen sink - especially that sponge you've been using for months to clean dirty pots and pans
2. The toilet bowl - well, you might expect this, but you should buy toilet seat wipes for the restrooms you share with guests
3. The garbage can - especially if you don't use trash bags in them
4. The refrigerator - think about the old moldy foods that sit inside forever in an area that is rarely cleaned
5. The bathroom doorknob - stats say that most people don't wash their hands after, and this is the first thing they all touch
6. Phone recievers - if someone in your home is sick, this is the easiest place to catch those contagious germs
7. Desktops - people never seem to wipe down desktops, though you spend 8 hours everyday touching it
8. Keyboards - keyboards can be infested with boogers and germs over years of fingering

The flush handle on the toilet bowl - I take that back, this is the first place people touch after going to bathroom, even before they have a chance to wash hands

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