Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boat Names

So I promised my girlfriend (Ally Leigh Taulbee) when I buy a boat I would name it after her. Since then, I have kept a list of clever possibilities. Here is that list:
  • Love ActuALLY
  • ReALLY-T TV Show
  • Prince Ally-baba
  • Come One, Come ALT
  • Control ALT Delete
  • ALTerior Motors
  • ALTernate Endings
  • Ally Total Fitness
  • Allyzander the Great
  • Ally Wanna Do is a ZoomZoomZoom
  • The Allybatross
  • It's All Her fALT
  • Right Up Your Ally
  • Right Up My Ally
  • Busy Bee
  • Bee All You Can Bee
  • TotAlly in Love
  • The OK CorAlly
  • Navigational BuoAlly
  • Is This ReAl Life?
  • Is This RyAl Life?
  • Ally Oop
  • Ally Ally Oxen Free
  • DuAlly Noted
  • DirectionAlly Challenged

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