Saturday, August 27, 2011

That's a Good Point Bear, Let's Try That

The funniest show on TV right now has got to be "How I Met Your Mother." It is right in my wheelhouse, with well-developed gen-Y characters, brilliant scripts, and talented actors. It's also, like "Seinfeld" for those one-generation older, regularly on topic with something I can relate to: the Super Bowl, the best burger in town, blind dates, and Star Wars. It is constantly referencing Star Wars. And my favorite episode that does so has to be one where Ted's new girlfriend finally admits that Star Wars is stupid:

"It's so stupid," Stella told Marshall. "I mean, first of all, how do they understand that walking bear they hang out with all the time?"

"Wookie," Marshall said, sadly.

"Yeah," she said. "He goes, 'Hmmmm,' (doing her best Chewbacca impression), and they're all, like, 'that's a good point, bear! Let's try that.'"

Now don't me wrong, I geek out as much as anyone when the opening crawl rolls, but she has a point. How does Han Solo possibly understand what Chewbacca is saying? It's like me understanding the moans, grunts, growls and barks of my dog. Even the nerdiest dweebs must admit this major flaw in the story. Though I am prepared for the rebuttal.

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