Sunday, September 11, 2011

whatchya readin?

Whatever it is, it's probably not an actual printed book with paper pages and black ink.

Today, over 20 million people own e-readers and another 25 million own tablets with e-reader apps. That's a lot of eyeballs still interested in reading. Good news for our nation. Good news for the publishing industry. And good news for the rain forest. Bad news for the print industry.

But there is still hope. Many "ole-fashioned" people still enjoy flipping the crisp pages of a book. And even I, an over-indulgent technophile, love the smell of the dusty worn paper. But I may never pick up a hardback again. And yet, right there on the end table on the flip side of my bed sits a pink cover with 300 pages inside. She has an iPad sitting right there in the living room but won't touch that iBook or Kindle app. Why? Where is the line? And what drives an avid reader to e? I'll let you know if she ever does.

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