Sunday, September 18, 2011

Liar, Liar, Posts on Fire

I'm just saying what you wish you could: she's not really a ________ and he didn't actually ________. In order to ________  you have to ________ and you did not.

So why do people insist on lying on social networks?

It starts with the fact that everyone lies. In 1996, a UVA psychologist published a landmark study that revealed an ugly truth about humans: Everyone lies. In fact, on average, people lie at least twice every day.

Today, it's even easier to lie. With communication methods becoming less face-to-face and more pre-meditated, a lie can be carefully crafted and revised before unveiling it to the world. Plus you don't have to worry about being caught scratching your ear, crossing your arms, or looking up and to the right.

Typically, people lie to attract the opposite sex. "I'm a doctor." "Just got back from France." "Just sold my Mercedes." And a social network is just a beefed up dating profile. So why would you expect any different? Have you seen the "documentary" Catfish?

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