Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lying in Facebook's Bed

A recent study has revealed that Facebook is the cause of 20% of all divorces. Shocking? Not really. Think about all the "friends" you have on Facebook. Think about your communication habits. Then compare those to your real-life contacts and communications. The number of online temptations is staggering -- and much more prevalent than real-life temptations. Plus with personal passwords, privacy settings, and private messaging, it's easier than ever to hide your "relationships" from your significant other.

Currently, less than half (44%) of the people on Facebook are listed as being in some sort of committed relationship. And only 29% are listed as "married." The actual U.S. census numbers report a much higher percentage of the population (49.7%) is married. And it's not like Facebook isn't a significant sample size (51% of Americans are on Facebook = 150 million).

So what does that mean? Americans are lying in Facebook's bed.

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