Wednesday, October 19, 2011

14 things I hate about Facebook

I hate when my Facebook "friends"...
  1. Express their undying love for their best significant other in the whole world (when in reality, he or she most likely is not)
  2. Tell the world how awesome their life is (not b/c it really is, but b/c they are trying to convince not only the world, but more-so themselves of it)
  3. Post pictures of everything they eat (unless it's green eggs and ham we don't care)
  4. Tell the world their monotonous everyday goings-on (we do not need to know your bedtime)
  5. Search for sympathy comments b/c they are ill or sad (it's obvious and pitiful)
  6. Post pictures of themselves taken by themselves with their shirts off (you're not that hot)
  7. Have RIP status updates in grieving for someone who recently passed away (this is a personal experience that shouldn't be shared with the world)
  8. Acting like they are smarter than they actually are (using a thesaurus doesn't make you any cooler)
  9. Entire albums dedicated to babies and dogs (after 4 or 5 pics of a dog or baby laying there doing nothing we get the point... you think its adorable - even though the rest of the world probably does not)
  10. Profile pics with other people in frame that are better looking than the actual person (you can't trick random people into thinking you are the other person very long - if anything you should post pics of you standing next to the fattest ugliest friend you have)
  11. Profile pics of them with their significant other (thank god for the upcoming "Cover" feature)
  12. Profile pics of celebs and athletes (YOUR profile pic is supposed to be a picture of YOU)
  13. Profile pics that don't actually look like them (i.e. the best picture they ever had - could be from ten years ago)
  14. Random people that act like they are your best friends (thank god for the new "Subscribe" feature)

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Lisa said...

Well I thought for your the sake of not looking ridiculous I'd delete my previous two comments and just make one. Little did I know they don't actually fully delete. Now I just look like a moron. Anyhow, maybe you should reorganize that "friends" list of yours, or maybe they should. Not to say that I disagree with half of those.