Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Start-Up Idea:

I have a brilliant start-up internet business idea:

Imagine a place where you could go and get stats on anything and everything. It would be like the tools that ESPN analysts have behind the scenes to pull incredible stats about any sporting event, but open to the public and at your disposal! And it wouldn't just be sports. It would cover all the major "categories" and "genres" including: sports, movies, music, TV, health, books, business, web, tech, celebrities and more!

You would just need the data (fed from industry leaders and databases around the world) and an above average algorithm powering the search engine, and you could ask it anything, like:
  • Who is the oldest person to dunk a basketball in an NBA game?
  • How many double cheeseburgers does McDonald's sell each day?
  • How many baked potatoes does Wendy's sell each day?
  • Who has the most country music awards in the past 3 years?
  • What TV show has the most commercial time?
  • What is America's favorite pizza topping?
  • Does Dominos or Papa Johns sell more pizza?
  • How many flashlight apps are there in the AppStore?
  • What's the highest possible scoring Scrabble score?
  • Which car maker sells the most convertibles?
  • What time do most people eat dinner?
Etc., etc., etc.

So, who wants back me?

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