Monday, September 17, 2007

Funniest 15 Photos From Google Earth Streetview

Here are the top 15 funny pictures found on Google Earth StreetView:

1. Female Sunbathers Half-Nude in the Park
2. Man Entering Adult Bookstore
Adult Bookstore
3. The Ultimate RestStop
Rest Stop
4. E.T. Evidence
Diamond Hill Road
5. Parking Ticket
Parking Ticket
6. Robber
Van Ness Avenue
7. Yawning, Crying, Yelling, Singing, _______?
8. Glowing Eyes
Glowing eyes
9. Herd of Runaway Shopping Carts
Center Street
10. Speeding in a School Zone
Speeding in School Zone
11. Rush Hour Traffic Rubik's Cube
Octavia Boulevard
12. Giant Pumpkin
U.S. 287
13. Nude Mannequin
14. Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, NY - been closed to video cameras since 9/11
Brooklyn Tunnel
15. Got any others? Mention them in comments and where to find them and they might make the list!

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