Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ten of the Best 9/11 Videos

The events that occurred on September 11th were horrific. No one should have to relive this. But its important to American history. So here are some of the best 9/11 videos you can find on the web:

1. 9/11 Montage
2. 3-D Video Makes You Feel Like You are There
3. Scientists simulate jet colliding with World Trade Center
4. 2nd Plane from Nearby WTC
5. Bush's Address & Photos of Ground Zero
6. Crystal Morning: Radio, 911 Calls, the Dust Cloud from the Street, etc.
7. News Footage Montage
8. Home Video from a Distance
9. A Little Girl Who Misses Her Child (Very sad)
10. 35 Minutes of Fox News Breaking Report

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