Thursday, September 6, 2007

Top 10 Best Web Sites about Lists

Best lists, worst lists, top 10 lists, overrated lists, sexiest lists, how to lists, etc... It is impossible say who started the phenomenon, but Forbes (100 Richest People) and Time (50 Most Influential People) deserve some credit, along with TV networks like ESPN (Top 10 Plays), E! (100 Greatest Child Stars) and VH1 (50 Sexiest Bods pushed the editorial top ten lists craze and sparked the public interest. And as usual, the Web wasn't far behind. The online market for list Web sites is growing exponentially. And now, with the growing popularity and understanding of Wikipedia, it is possible to create "wiki" lists where the average person can add their own opinions to lists, and create their own top tens. Today, sites everywhere clamor to be on top of a new list - the list of The Top 10 Best Web Sites about Lists:

  1. ListAfterList

  2. OnMyList

  3. Unspun

  4. Cracked

  5. List of Bests

  6. Ta-da Lists

  7. Best of Craigslist

  8. Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Lists

  9. Wikipedia Lists of Topics

  10. Top Ten Lists

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