Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cosmo, Puddy and the Bubble Boy: Seinfeld Characters

This is a list of the most memorable characters from the popular NBC show "Seinfeld" (1989-1998). During the nine seasons many memorable characters were introduced, many of whom had a recurring role one the show. Who is your favorite?
  1. Jerry Seinfeld - Co-creator of the series based on his life about nothing who's neat and picky character co-creates the series based on his life about nothing.
  2. George Costanza - Lazy, short, stocky, angry and balding man who lives with his parents.
  3. David Puddy - Elaine's recurring boyfriend who is New Jersey Devils fanatic and trustworthy car guy.
  4. Cosmo Kramer - Klutzy neighbor who fell ass-backward into money and now spends his time manifesting insane ideas.
  5. Newman - Overweight and intellectual postal worker who is Jerry's arch-nemesis. He is pure-evil, wrapped in a twinkie.
  6. Frank Costanza - George's loud father who invented the "stop-short" technique with the opposite sex. Serenity Now!
  7. Elaine Benes - Beautiful ex-girlfiend who can't dance and is always searching for more.
  8. Susan Ross - George's patient fiancee who is blessed with death after licking the wedding invitation envelopes toxic glue.
  9. Morty Seinfeld - Jerry's old-fashioned father and former raincoat salesman.
  10. Uncle Leo - Jerry's retired, old, grouchedy uncle who is guilty of shoplifting and a "crime of passion."
  11. J. Peterman - Elaine's cultured boss at the catalogue who bought Kramer's life stories to put into his biography.
  12. George Steinbrenner - George's eccentric backside boss at the Yankees; voiced by co-creator Larry David.
  13. Kenny Bania - Annoying comedian who is always riding Jerry's coattails.
  14. The Soup Nazi - Bossy Al Pacino look-a-like who makes the best soup around.
  15. The Man in the Cape - Frank Costanza's mysterious lawyer; played by co-creator Larry David.
  16. Jackie Chiles - Kramer's clever lawyer.
  17. Babu - Pakistani restaraunt owner who eventually gets deported.
  18. Izzy Mandelbaum - Strong old man who is the World's Best Dad.
  19. Mr. Bookman - Library cop who hunts down Jerry for a 25 year overdue book, Tropic of Cancer.
  20. Crazy Joe Devola - Creepy, violent, chemically unbalanced stalker.
  21. Vegetable Lasagna - Elaine's rebound following the breakup with Puddy on the plane ride home from Europe.
  22. Mickey - Kramer's friend and co-worker who is vertically challenged.
  23. Art Vandelay - George's alter ego and fictional identity.
  24. Sue Ellen Mishke - Oh Henry candybar heiress also known as the "braless wonder."
  25. Bob Sacamano - Jerry's mysterious friend who has rabies and sold fur coats but we never meet.
  26. Mr. Pitt - Elaine's boss who is mesmorized by 3D art posters.
  27. Tim Whatley - A dentist who converts to Judaism for the jokes and is a re-gifter.
  28. Donald "The Bubble Boy" - Jerry's biggest fan who lives in a bubble upstairs at his parents because of his condition. Swears its "the Moors," not "the Moops."
  29. The Maestro - Mysterious conductor of an orchestra.
  30. Poppie - Anticommunist restaraunt owner who has some urination issues.
  31. Sidra - Jerry's girlfriend who has some questionably "real and spectacular" features.
  32. Mr. Haymen - George's high school gym teacher who called him "Can't Stand Ya."

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