Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweetest Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Share your Sweetest Day gift ideas here:

  • cut out 101 hearts in red and wrote reasons why I love my fiance on them, and I also added in 10 coupons for stuff like back rubs and sexual stuff

  • get her Dolce & Gabbanna "Light Blue" perfume.

  • a tandem skydive

  • buy her some flowers and take her out for some desert

  • Go for a walk somewhere in town

  • write a very sweet and touching letter/note

  • something u gave on first time. if men know what u gave her first time in date and brings it again it shows that a lot of love on your memory

  • gift certificates from mall stores or major chain stores for her, such as Target, Mervyns, or Dillards possibly.

  • gift certificates for Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, iTunes, or Banana Republic for him

  • Happy Heart fragrance by Clinique for her

  • Armani Black Code cologne for him

  • a small jewelry box, filled them with red rose petals with 1 white petal with a drawing of a heart on it.

  • Get some 3x5 note cards and make a scavenger hunt for her. Start with reminding her about the beginning of the relationship. On one side of the card write something nice to her. Progress it along from the moment you met, to when you fell in love, to when you knew she was the one, etc. On the other side of the card tell her where to look for the next card (clue).

  • a CD you make yourself with love songs that explain just how much u love her and maybe make a photo album with all your cherished moments together, add some printed cute pictures from the internet, for example little teddies and cute pics with love hearts and sayings like I love you or I miss you.

  • a Slingbox (from BestBuy, Circuit City, or any electronic store) - it is a way for him to watch live TV and recorded TV from his home box on anything with an internet connection - i.e. cell phone, laptop, etc.

  • Another idea get a satin pillow case and have your names embroidered on it with something loving and cute added.

  • bottle of their favorite liquor or a case of his favorite beer

  • concert tickets

  • sporting event tickets

  • plane tickets to your favorite place or somewhere you have always talked about visiting


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    Gifts are source of happiness to both - provider and recipient. Thanks for ideas

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