Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top 25 TV Shows Today: Slightly Gender-Biased but Addictive

These are the top 25 TV shows that you can presently watch on cable or satellite television. It is slightly gender biased towards men, however every show can be equally loved by both sexes. Take note, they are also some of the best sitcoms and series ever!
  1. Seinfeld - The funniest show ever! Kramer coming in the door. George's monologues. Elaine's dancing. There is a reason why it is on 3 different channels for 6 hours everyday of the week.
  2. Entourage - If you could only be Vinny Chase (or atleast a part of his entourage).
  3. Man vs. Wild - If we are watching TV to live vicariously through its characters, being Bear Grylls would either be the coolest thing imaginable, or the worst.
  4. The Office - It is hilarious even if you've never worked a day in an office. Who wouldn't love to have a boss like Michael and co-workers like Dwight and Jim?
  5. Lost - So many questions, so few answers. What's the black fog? Will they get off the island? Why are they there? etc. etc.
  6. Family Guy - If you don't think Stewie is the funniest character in a long time then, "Pipe down, Lois."
  7. Late Night with Conan O'Brien - The funniest combination of opening monologue, skits, and interviews. Best of all the late-night talk shows.
  8. Around the Horn - No need for hours of Sportscenter. This is the freshest, quickest, widest views on what's happening in the world of sports.
  9. The Unit - It is like going to the theater and seeing a new Schwarzenegger / Tom Clancy movie every week.
  10. Heroes - Takes you back to your childhood dream of being Superman; or fulfills your dream of being an invisible mind-reader today.
  11. Two and Half Men - Whether you love or hate Charlie Sheen in real life, you will like his wild and drunk character on the show.
  12. Nip/Tuck - Fulfills America's obsessive interest in the beautiful, rich and famous while making you never want to be any of three.
  13. Studio 60 - The best writers in television. The show centers around characters and relationships, and the dialogue is amazingly complex. People so so much with so few words.
  14. King of Queens - These modern "Honeymooners" will make you love every aspect of your own life.
  15. Friday Night Lights - With America's obsession with football, gorgeous people, action, romance and comedy, I'd be shocked if you didn't get hooked.
  16. NCIS - If CSI and Law and Order is getting old (or you are old) give this hip show a try. Get to know the characters, because it delivers on every other level, and it might be your favorite show.
  17. Survivor - The best reality network TV show ever! Every person of every age can and wants to participate in this return to the wild for $1 million.
  18. The Sopranos - I take that back, if you could only be Tony Soprano (or part of his entourage).
  19. Pardon the Interruption (PTI) - The original catalyst for what sports television has become today, the only reason its not any higher is because around the horn has fresher, younger and more opinions.
  20. Real World/ Road Rules Challenge - The best show on MTV (yeah I realize it supposed to be "Music" TV). If you get to know the people (all from the originals in reality TV) you will laugh, cry and cheer right with them.
  21. Grey's Anatomy - This is a look into the fascinating lives of surgeons, and possibly the first show that women and older people will agree with me.
  22. Jeopardy - The best game show ever! Like Bob Barker, we can only pray that Alex Trebek will find the fountain of youth and live to give answers before the question forever.
  23. The O'Reilly Factor - Whether you lean far-right or far-left, like the New York Times, you will always be interested or be aware of these opinions.
  24. Sunrise Earth - I realize, its hardly a show. You may have never even heard of it (and rightfully so if you don't have Discovery Channel in HD), but it is the best wildlife show on TV. It runs real-time and follows the sunrise in amazing places around the globe.
  25. Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Funniest stupid cartoon show ever to originate on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. I swear, it might be hard, but give it a chance, you won't be dissapointed.

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