Friday, August 10, 2007

A Coattail With Handles

Greetings Listers!

Do you hate it when people ride the coattails of others? I do! Or should I say, I did. After I started thinking about it, I realized that everyone is always saying life is all about the associations you create with others. So where do you draw the line between mooching and networking?

  • Hillary Clinton didn’t sever ties with Bill (despite his ability to have sex without having “sex”).
  • George W. Bush didn’t change his last name and burn all his birth certificates.
  • Paris Hilton would have nothing if the Hilton Paris was never built.
  • Kobe Bryant rode Shaq’s extra-long coattails to three NBA Championships.
  • And Ben Affleck held on to Matt Damon’s hand as long as he possibly could.

So, as always, the real question is, how do you feel? Have you gotten where you are today by shoveling your own coal, digging your own ditches, and weeding your own garden? Or did your mom do your homework for you, your dad give you a summer job, joined a fraternity or sorority in college, and now work for your smarter, better-looking best-friend? Hey, I’m not ragging on it, if my best-friend from high school became a successful movie star in Hollywood you better believe I’d be out there swimming in his mansion’s pool and drinking his Bud Light. But just because your last name is Williams, Jones, Miller or Smith doesn’t mean you can the next anchor on NBC’s Nightly News, an adventurous archaeologist in a temple of doom, start your own beer brewing company, or flash your blonde hair and oversized bosoms and get a ring from a rich old oil tycoon.

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Names Cursed by the Cover of EA’s Madden Football Video Game

Guarantee you don’t want to be named to the cover of EA Sports’ Madden Football. Since Garrison Hearst in 1999, NFL players who have graced the cover of EA Sports' Madden NFL video game franchise have suffered injuries or seen less productive seasons. So, is there a curse?

1999 Garrison Hearst (broken leg)

2000 Barry Sanders (retired abruptly before season)

2001 Eddie George (lower production next season)

2002 Daunte Culpepper (knee injury)

2003 Marshall Faulk (leg injury)

2004 Michael Vick (broken leg, preseason)

2005 Ray Lewis (injuries, less production)

2006 Donovan McNabb (season ending sports hernia injury)

2007 Shaun Alexander (injuries, less production)

2008 Vince Young (nothings happened... YET)

Releases Tuesday, Aug. 14 - Buy it here now: Madden NFL 08

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