Thursday, August 23, 2007

Signs You're Not Ready to Get Married

Is it possible you are too young to get married? Or too poor? Too immature? Or not really sure what "love" is? Well here are some signs that you may not be ready to get married:

  • You have a futon from K-Mart in your living room
  • Instead of bills hanging from magnets on your fridge, you have a report card
  • The last three meals you've eaten where passed through a window
  • Your DVR is filled with shows from MTV
  • You still think Thursday night starts your weekend
  • Your dog still pisses in your house
  • You have to check your bank statement to see if you can afford a 12-pack of Natty
  • You know what "Natty" refers to
  • Your favorite movie of all-time is "Transformers"
  • The last book your read in its entirety was "The Scarlet Letter"
  • Justin Timberlake is currently in your car's CD player
  • You still have an allowance
  • Your iPod is currently paused on AfroMan
  • You still have 4 roommates
  • The three meals you can cook all have the word "cheese" in them
  • Half of your shopping cart consists of Ramen noodles
  • Your browser's homepage is set to TMZ or

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