Thursday, August 23, 2007

Largest Superhero Packages

Superheroes may not all be packing heat or have a fully-loaded utility belt, but all those men in tights have one thing in common... large packages. Here are the superheroes with the biggest packages (measured by sock stuffing ability):

1. The Incredible Hulk - 4 ½ socks - everything else is so large (and unfortunately for Bruce Banner - green...)
2. Superman - 3 ½ socks - come on, he is Super"Man", even though Clark Kent seems pretty insecure
3. Captain America - 3 socks - Steve Rogers is Captain America, not Captain Asia
4. Human Torch - 3 socks - Johnny Storm's line-up of ladies is proof
5. Batman - 1 sock - the fact that Bruce Wayne needs that utility belt speaks for something
6. Spiderman - ½ sock - unfortunately for Peter Parker, the spider bite didn't cause any swelling

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