Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Michael Vick's List of Screw Ups

This is a big change for Michael Vick, instead of the entire Cincinnati Bengals running after him, he is making a run at the Bengals - that is, at the number of times you can screw up. Here is a list of the all the times Vick has messed up:

  • Weed/marijuana hidden in the bottom of a water bottle at the Miami airport.
  • Drug raids at a house he owned (which lead to fed finding a... )
  • Dog fighting ring and animal cruelty towards 60 dogs in a house he owned.
  • Settled a lawsuit filed by a former girlfriend who said he knowingly gave her a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Vick surrounded himself with unsavory associates, two with criminal records for drug trafficking.
  • Two friends of Vick pocketed someone's fancy watch at the Atlanta airport, the watch's owner said a Falcons executive offered him money to keep Vick's name out of a police report.
  • Lying to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about everything
  • Thinking his friends would stick up for him and not rat him out

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